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Fan Vs. Reporter and Why Maybe Ray Isn’t Supposed To Get It

We set up penaltykill.net to fill that gap many hockey fans feel when it comes to the media’s lack of reporting on the NHL. Our vision is to have a huge source of quality, fan-based reporting where those passionate about the game can come and enjoy the banter that only other hockey fans can [...]

What is ‘The Plan’?

So the Sharks are having a so-so pre-season but then again, it’s the pre-season. Some people put a lot of value in the pre-season, take my buddy TorturedKingsFan. He likes to point out that, like last year, his Kings are undefeated in the ’season before the season’. That makes them the Stanley [...]

Become A Penaltykill.net Editor!

If you’re as passionate about hockey as we are and want to place to voice your opinion we want to hear from you! Our goal is to have bloggers reporting on every team in the league. If you feel like you can help us promote our agenda we’d like to hear from you. [...]

NHL Schedule and Scores for October 4, 2008

Rangers 2 Lightning 1
Penguins 4 Senators 3 OT

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Regular Season Starts Oct 4!

Check back here for game schedules and scores!

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Why Hockey?

I know I’m not alone. Unless you live in Canada (or Minnesota, so I’ve heard), not a hockey season goes by without someone asking you “Why do you like hockey so much? I watched a game once and I don’t get it.” We all know the solution - take them to a game, [...]

Looking forward to a new season and why Ray misses the point.

I think everyone can agree the upcoming 2008-2009 NHL season can’t get here soon enough (except for Kings fans, as my buddy TorturedKingsFan will attest).  For Sharks fans it’s been quite an off season and I’m definitely excited about the prospects. It’s nice when you feel like your team and it’s ownership are trying whatever [...]

NHL Fan Survival Kit Part 1

Brian Burke says he listens all the time.  For others (like myself) it’s our only source of reliable NHL programming.  If you don’t have NHL Home Ice on XM Radio I strongly suggest you get it.  Sign up for service, get an inexpensive radio and program Memory 1 to Channel 204.  The programming comes [...]

Wholesale Changes

With so many changes in the off season any difference in the Sharks’ overall performance, be it for (hopefully) better or worse, it’ll be hard to pinpoint which change was responsible for the outcome.  Was it changing the coaching staff?  The wholesale changes on defense?  The philosophy shift from talented youth to experienced veterans?  It’s [...]

Why we’re always playing short handed

You know the feeling - your hockey team plays one of the best games of the season, coming back from a huge deficit to win in the final minutes…with your backup goalie no less. Still feeling the elation from the night before you check the morning paper to see the huge headline about your [...]

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