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Why Glen Why?

Ah, what a year does

10-2-1 to start out. Do I see the shiny glow of the Lord’s Cup in the offing? Oh wait, I forgot! Of course not, at least, when Glen Sather and his band of miscreants are at the helm.
Now, don’t get me wrong, good old Glenny is the GM of GMs. [...]

NHL Schedule and Scores for February 28, 2009

Washington 4 Boston 3 OT
Florida 2 New Jersey 7
Anaheim 4 Dallas 3
San Jose 2 Montreal 3
Buffalo 0 NY Islanders 2
Colorado 1 NY Rangers 6
Toronto 4 Ottawa 3 OT
Carolina 3 Atlanta 5
Detroit 0 Nashville 8
St. Louis 3 Phoenix 1
Minnesota 2 Edmonton 3

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NHL Schedule and Scores for February 27, 2009

Montreal 4 Philadelphia 3 OT
Los Angeles 1 Detroit 2
Pittsburgh 5 Chicago 4 OT
Minnesota 1 Calgary 4
Tampa Bay 1 Vancouver 2

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Anaheim Ducks – Bad Hits, Bad Calls

This was emailed to me this morning, in response to the Paul Gaustad hit on Ryan Getzlaf, resulting in Getzlaf’s broken nose. I was interested to see what you all thought on the subject:
“Why is it that if an Anaheim Duck player turns into a player on purpose and that player gets hurt, they [...]

Whitney/Kunitz Trade Review

As posted earlier by duxrox, the Pens and Ducks were involved in a trade today. The Ducks traded forwrad Chris Kunitz and prospect Eric Tangradi to the Penguins for defenseman Ryan Whitney. I have not had a lot of personal exposure to Kunitz, but from what I have heard he is a top 6 forward [...]

Anaheim Ducks Trades Chris Kunitz

And so it begins…….Anaheim traded Chris Kunitz and prospect Eric Tangradi to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenseman Ryan Whitney. Now, I am sad to see Kunitz go; I really like watching him play. However, the Ducks are in desperate need of defense and seem to think they’ll get it with Whitney. I haven’t done [...]

San Jose Sharks And Detroit Red Wings Succesfully Defend Home Ice

After the Detroit Red Wings beat the San Jose Sharks at Joe Louis Arena last night - the last of the 4 regular season games between the top two teams in the Western Conference - here’s what we can casually deduce for the regular season series:
1) Both teams can succesfully defend home ice
2) The Red [...]

NHL Schedule and Scores for February 26, 2009

Anaheim 0 Boston 6
Buffalo 1 Carolina 2 SO
Colorado 0 New Jersey 4
Toronto 5 NY Islanders 4 SO
Florida 2 NY Rangers 1
Atlanta 3 Washington 4
San Jose 2 Ottawa 1
Phoenix 1 Nashville 4
St. Louis 3 Dallas 1
Columbus 1 Edmonton 0

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Sharksfan on NHL 2K9 Blog Talk Radio

Sharksfan appeared on the internet radio show ‘NHL 2k9′ hosted by the ‘Net’s editor ‘aj’. The topic of conversation was the San Jose Sharks, the motivation behind penaltykill.net and the overall State of Hockey. Click here for the San Jose Sharks and Penaltykill.net-focused broadcast archive.

Technorati Tags: hockey, internet radio show, nhl, San [...]

NHL Schedule and Scores for February 25, 2009

Los Angeles 0 Philadelphia 2
San Jose 1 Detroit 4
NY Islanders 0 Pittsburgh 1
NY Rangers 1 Toronto 2 SO

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