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Pittsburgh Penguins: Only 4 More Wins Needed

The Pittsburgh Penguins have returned to the Stanley Cup Finals and will have a rematch of last year’s Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. For the Red Wings, many believed they would have no problem making it back to the Cup, but not so much can be said about the Penguins. Many people had counted [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Get Out Your Brooms

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Penguins have an opportunity to finish off the Carolina Hurricanes and head to their second consecutive Stanley Cup Finals. This series was deemed to have been a good chance of requiring a 7th game to decide the winner. However, so far the Hurricanes have just not showed up to play. Whether [...]

San Jose Sharks: State of the Sharks - Airing on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area Tonight

For those of you interested in seeing the complete State of the Sharks event held last Thursday you can tune in to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area at 6:30 and again at 10:00 to see all 2-1/2 hours of questions and answers. Of course it’s not quite the same experience as going in person, specifically [...]

Pittsuburgh Penguins: Eastern Conference Finals Preview

8 down, 8 more to go. That is in reference to the 16 total amount of wins which is needed to raise Lord Stanley’s cup. The Pens are half way there. However, before they get a chance to play for the cup they are going to have to face the Carolina Hurricanes. The Pens played [...]

San Jose Sharks Committed To The Cup In 2010

This was my first time attending the State of the Sharks event at the HP Pavilion and I must say it’s pretty nice that they put such an event on for the fans and the community. FC Sharks Fan, who had apparently been to one of these before, warned not to expect any late [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Advance to Eastern Conference Finals

What a great series. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals made this a series that will be remembered for quite some time, well that is at least the first six games. Game 7 was a huge disappointment for Capitals fans as they were dismantled by the Penguins with a score 6 - 2. Rookie goaltender [...]

State of the Sharks - May 14th at The Tank

The annual State of the Sharks event, which over the last few years has been more of a post-mortem than anything else, will be held on Thursday, May 14th at HP Pavillion from 7pm-9pm. Admission is free and parking is available in the main lot adjacent to the building. Doors open at 6:30, [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: 2nd Round Mid-Series Update

The Penguins are down 2 - 1 in their Conference Semi-Finals series against the Washington Capitals. This series has had a similiar twist to their first series against the Philadelphia Flyers with the exception that the situation is reversed. The Penguins have been out playing and out shooting the Capitals in every game so far [...]

Sharks Fans Put Faces To The Names

Over our inaugural season we are grateful to have managed to assemble a group of loyal readers and contributors to The .Net. Two of them, FC Sharks Fan and Son of OT submitted a picture of themselves, admittedly in a good mood despite the fact that they’re - like me - disappointed Sharks fans. [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Conference Semi-Finals Preview

One series down, three more to go…hopefully. The Penguins will open up the other Eastern Conference Semi-finals series against the Washington Capitals tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm EST. Unlike the last series and all of last year’s playoff series (with the except of the Stanley Cup Final series) the Penguins will start off on the road [...]

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