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Anaheim Ducks Draft Their Way

Well, the biggest news of the NHL Draft Day 2009 was obviously the trade of Chris Pronger to the Philadelphia Flyers. Considering it was mentioned within the first 2 minutes of the telecast, I would say it was big news indeed. So, Pronger and Ryan Dingle were traded to the Flyers for Joffrey Lupul, Luca [...]

San Jose Sharks Shopping Ryane Clowe?

XM Radio’s NHL Home Ice reported that the San Jose Sharks “…have spoken to a few teams about Ryane Clowe”. That’s it, that’s all they said.
While I think Ryane Clowe is one beast of a forward, he has been injured 3/4ths of the last 2 seasons. Perhaps the Sharks know something about Clowe’s [...]

San Jose Sharks - Out With The Old, In With The New?

As the NHL Entry Draft approaches one would think the San Jose Sharks, along with the other 29 teams, are seriously evaluating their rosters. Given this year’s step backwards in the playoffs, and given Doug Wilson’s remarks that the team is willing to make the hard decisions, it seems pretty obvious that some significant [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Offseason Report

The celebrating of the Stanley Cup championship is still being done by the players and staff, but unfortunately for management it’s back to work. It starts with the NHL Entry Draft which is scheduled for June 26th-27th. The Penguins have the 30th spot and have a luxury of really being able to pick the best [...]

Anaheim Ducks Trade Rumors…Or Are They??

Well, the Pens have won the Cup!! Believe me; I was yelling loudly last night! So happy! Before the game even started, the Anaheim Ducks had a major rumor going. This rumor involved Chris Pronger being traded to the Kings. For the record, as of right now, 9:13p PST June 13, both sides have denied [...]

PenaltyKill.Net: Season 1

When I started this blog I bought a few books on the subject to get some insight into just what it was I was getting myself into. Of everything I read I remember just two things. The first is that it takes about 30 months for a blog to really develop an audience. [...]

Penguins: Lord Stanley Has Returned To Pittsburgh

There are no words that can describe the feeling I had seeing the final seconds of the 3rd period and the excitement all the players had as soon as they knew. This was an amazing series. As I had said before, to be the best you have to beat the best. The Penguins did just [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Winner Takes All

It has come down to this….one game. The winner of this one game takes home Lord Stanley. The loser goes home only one game away from claiming the Cup for themselves. The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings last night (Monday) 2-1 to have pushed the series to a decisive game 7. I love [...]

“Tweener” News From The San Jose Sharks

It’s pretty quiet in Sharksville, waiting for the finals to end so the Sharks can start talking about possible moves (or at the very least, allow the rumors to start flying). Also on tap is the draft, which is where the well is going to start running dry for the San Jose Sharks as [...]

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