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Anaheim Ducks and Twitter…..

In case you haven’t noticed, penaltykill.net has now added Twitter to the blog. (Thanks, sharksfan!!) So, I’ve been thinking about Twitter and what it has done to enhance my own ‘hockey experience.’
I became a member of Twitter this past hockey season, specifically because of my team, the Anaheim Ducks. My first two ‘follows’ were, [...]

San Jose Sharks: Patrick Marleau Willing To Give Up Captaincy

After the San Jose Sharks failed to make a decent run at the Stanley Cup last year there was (and continues to be) lots of talk about what the Sharks need to do to be better in the playoffs. Doug Wilson promised big changes, although we haven’t seen any trades that would qualify as [...]

San Jose Sharks: Let’s Play Fantasy GM

Most, if not all of us are familiar with the concept of Fantasy Football, Baseball or Hockey. Well, I have a new game to play. How about Fantasy GM.
The object is to field a team without going over the salary cap and assemble team chemistry that will also sooth the most infuriated hockey [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Summary of Offseason

With a little more than 2 million left in the salary cap, it looks like the Penguins offseason is almost complete. The only item left on their agenda is finding a backup for Marc-Andre Fleury. The Penguins have two options at this point and that is to find a backup via Free Agency or to [...]

Claude Lemieux Retires - Again?

The San Jose Sharks have announced that Claude Lemieux has retired once again. Although he never seemed to have quite the speed or agility required to really make a strong NHL comeback, he definitely added entertainment value to the 2008-2009 season. Every time he was on the ice there’s was a small sense [...]

San Jose Sharks Sign Ryane Clowe To 4-Year Deal

San Jose Sharks fans will get to watch Ryane Clowe do his thing for four more years as reports are out that Clowe has signed a 4-year deal worth a reported $3.5M per year. Interesting that Clowe agreed to approximately the same amount of money as Jonathan Cheechoo given the large disparity in their [...]

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