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Doug Wilson Suggests Rob Blake or Dan Boyle Qualified to Captain the San Jose Sharks

The day Jeremy Roenick retired he went on Comcast Sports Net and said, in no uncertain terms, that the problem with the San Jose Sharks is that it’s too comfortable in the locker room, that there is a lack of players willing to get into other player’s faces, pushing them when they need to be [...]

San Jose Sharks - Captaincy Is Up For Grabs

The San Jose Sharks have announced that the team captain and all alternate captain designations will be up for grabs and decided in training camp. The interesting collateral storyline there is that Joe Thornton is out as alternate. That’s not to say that Marleau won’t earn the ‘C’ and Thornton the ‘A’ in [...]

San Jose Sharks & NHL Say Goodbye To Jeremy Roenick (video)

JR Tribute video - not sure if I like the soundtrack, never thought of JR as ghetto fabulous…

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8 Million Reasons Why Dany Heatley Won’t Be A San Jose Shark

I haven’t done too much thinking about Dany Heatley becoming a San Jose Shark because it’s never going to happen, and it’s never going to happen for one reason – his (approx) $8M salary. Heatley’s contract has him making $8M over the next 3 seasons, followed by $6M and $5M the following two. [...]

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