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No Return For The Prodigal Sundin

Yesterday TSN analyst Darren Dreger reported that a Mats Sundin retirement was immanent. Well today in a press conference in Stockholm Sundin finally put a stop to the will he won’t he rumors. Last year Vancouver fans with left in a state of uncertainty for five months wondering if Sundin would ever hit the ice [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Final Word Before The Regular Season

Friday will mark the start of a new NHL season for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the last year that they will play in Mellon Arena. Of course, what better way to kick it off than raise their Stanley Cup Championship banner?
Just like every season there are lots of questions to be asked. Will there be [...]

ESPN Predictions For The San Jose Sharks

The ESPN Power Rankings have the San Jose Sharks second behind the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. The caveat is that the rankings are for the regular season, basically making no predictions for the Sharks’ strength in the post season. What I found interesting is that, in the Pacific Division, the Anaheim [...]

Observations From Section 212: The San Jose Sharks

When you consider how much I’ve been obsessively waiting for the start of the new NHL season, you would expect that I would have been revved with excitement on my way to last night’s exhibition game between the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks. Well, I wasn’t at first. I WAS excited to [...]

Ice Wars The Battle For Vancouver

The first puck drops to start the new season on October the 1st 2009. This is when war starts to break out across North America. Teams will fight to earn enough points to open up the gates to the playoff’s and beyond. Before any of this can happen a bigger conflict must run its course. [...]

San Jose Sharks Sign Manny Malhotra, And Who Is A Better Fit With Thornton And Heatley?

FC Sharks Fan first reported, and was confirmed on NHL Home Ice, that “Free agent Manny Malhotra, a 29-year-old center who has spent the past five seasons with the Columbus Blue Jackets, is about to become a Shark, according to an NHL source. He normally plays center and since the first two lines [...]

Vancouver Canucks Season Preview

May 11th 2009 - although most won’t remember the actual date, many a Canuck fan will know what happened on this fateful day. This was when the Vancouver Canucks’ juggernaut hit a brick wall, with a crushing defeat to the Chicago Blackhawks ending their playoff run.
Since then GM Mike Gillis has address many of [...]

Ottawa Senators Season Begins

I have been waiting over three months for this day. Ever since my Ottawa Senators took an unceremoniously early leave from the playoffs last year – after a particularly lackluster season of coaching changes, scoring issues, and egos – I’m looking forward to this season.
But the off season wasn’t a particularly relaxing time for [...]

When Did Jed Ortmeyer Join The San Jose Sharks? Sens GM Discusses Healtey Exodus.

I just noticed on the San Jose Sharks website that Jed Ortmeyer some how not only ended up on the Sharks roster, but it looks like he’s going to start in San Jose despite playing only 2 games for the Nashville Predators in 2008-2009 (as opposed to 55 for the AHL Milwaukee Admirals). Checking [...]

OFFICIAL: San Jose Sharks Acquire Dany Heatley, Cheechoo And Michalek Sent To Ottawa

The San Jose Sharks DID manage to acquire Dany Heatley from the Ottawa Senators, but they did it without the help of a third team AND kept Patrick Marleau in town for at least one more run at The Cup.
From the Sharks’ web site: “San Jose Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson [...]

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