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Anaheim Ducks – Crazy Month Was January!

My sincerest apologies for not writing at all about the Ducks during January. My motherboard hit the skids, which means I lost my hard drive. Which means: new computer! Then, since I have the best luck ever with computers, my modem and router went out on the same day. Yep – the day [...]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for Phoenix Coyotes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Coyotes so here’s a little recap.
The Good
4th place standing in the Western Conference
6 wins out of the last 8 games including big victories against Calgary and Detroit
Teppo Numminen inducted into the ring of honor, Teppo holds numerous franchise records including most points by [...]

Calgary Flames Trade Phaneuf

A quick update, but a big one… I was at the rink officiating when I heard the coachs of one team say that Phaneuf had been traded. I didn’t believe it; I always thought that the rumors were exaggerated. But as they say, if Gretzky was traded……
The Flames traded: Phaneuf, RW Fredrik Sjostrom and prospect Keith Aulie to Toronto [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Pre-Olympic Break Update

The Penguins have had an up and down season so far when it comes to injuries (and winning games as well for that matter).
Eric Godard was injured in the game against the New York Rangers and will be out 4-6 weeks. This leaves the Penguins without a true enforcer with which many fans might say [...]

San Jose Sharks Need An Answer For The Blackhawks

Professional sports leagues have the best marketing departments. Because they’re promoting something that really has no down side and no real side effects when compared to other things in our world, they’re free to go all out to make their product look like the best thing since refrigerated indoor ice.
One of the best marketing [...]

Despite the Fresh Faces, Habs’ Heritage Restored

After each ceremony that is hosted by the Montreal Canadiens, the same comment is made time and time again. It’s stated that only two places know how to truly run a proper ceremony; Buckingham Palace and the Bell Centre. In Montreal, we is an all encompassing term. It represents the players, [...]

Washington Capitals: No More Goaltending Problems

It’s a great time to be a Caps fan. The Capitals have won eight straight, a streak which started with a great come back in Florida, fighting back from 4-1 down to beat the Panthers 5-4 in a shootout, and they have looked excellent since then. For me, goaltending has been the main factor for [...]

Tough Guys

There are many NHL teams that covet players who are considered to be tough guys. Such players like Carcillo, Ott and Laraque can earn a very good living from playing the role of a pugilist or for administering bone-shaking body checks to opposing players. Some even act as a bodyguard who protect their teams’ star [...]

Depress In January For The Flames

I wanted to wait until a victory to write this blog, but with now seven straight losses I’m thinking that the next win might be only Saturday against the poor oilers…Why?
Wednesday night, the flames will play in Dallas, a team that only won four of their last ten, but they won against Minnesota and Detroit [...]

San Jose Sharks With Too Much Time On Their Hands

The Chicago Blackhawks are coming back to town. The proper sports cliché would be “Chicago Blackhawks return to the scene of the crime”. The most humiliating game in recent history occurred the last time the Blackhawks visited The Tank. I’m a huge fan of payback as a motivator, and nothing would make [...]

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