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San Jose Sharks Get Back To Work

I got the two main things I wanted out of the Olympic hockey tournament - great hockey and no injuries (to San Jose Sharks anyway). I don’t think there’s any argument that you couldn’t have asked (nor scripted) a better gold medal game, even if my country didn’t prevail. After the game I [...]

Canada Blames San Jose For Loss To Team USA

I don’t watch cable news, in fact it’s been years since I used a cable news network to get any information. However my gym has a television dedicated to CNN so there are times where I accidentally watch. One time I saw something I thought was shocking, but my friends who watch assured [...]

The Detroit Shuffle

So whilst the Olympics are on, it gives many teams a chance to take stock of their rosters and injuries, and figure out how they want their players shaping up for the final few months of the season.
Andreas Lilja has been on long term IR since a massive concussion in February 09, caused by a [...]

Team Canada Looks Like Ghost Of San Jose Sharks Past

Dear Canada - I know how you feel. Canada’s loss to Team USA was eerily familiar, and I’m sure there are other San Jose Sharks fans who know exactly what I mean. On paper Team Canada looks almost unbeatable. When the Sharks’ top line of Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau is [...]

United States Vs Canada & The 3-Point System

I love the 3-point system used by Olympic hockey (3-points for a regulation win, 2-points for an overtime/SO win, 1-point overtime loss). There has been lots of talk about changing the NHL point system and most of them are all theory, but actually seeing one system in action really shows it’s value. With [...]

Anaheim Ducks – Olympic Bound

As anyone who is living on planet earth knows, the Winter Olympics started last Friday, Feb 12. However, as any hockey fan knows, the games don’t really start until tomorrow…
Since the last post, Anaheim has played 4 games leading up to the Winter Games. February 8 saw the LA Kings play at [...]

Puckgal On-The-Road: Arena Tour Stop 1

My tour around the NHL arenas starts today with a visit to Pepsi Center in Colorado, home of the Avalanche. Since we are streaking again with 2 wins this week against the Edmonton Oilers and the Minnesota Wild, I expect a good show.
Ones to watch are the dynamic defensive duo of Adrian Aucoin and Keith [...]

O Canada The True Story Of A Nations Love For Hockey

It’s hard to pinpoint a definitive time or place as to when and where hockey was invented. There have been many arguments and people will have different opinions. It’s generally accepted that during the eighteen hundreds British soldiers played a version of the game while they were stationed in the Province of Nova Scotia. Another [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Looking For The Lead In The Atlantic

With two games left before the Olympic break, the Penguins have found themselves in a nice position. They have a chance
of overtaking the slumping New Jersey Devils for 1st place in the Atlantic which would put them in the number 2 seeded position. Currently the Penguins have played one more game than the devils and [...]

Team Canada Loss Equals San Jose Sharks Win?

I think I’ve figured it out. For the last few years we Sharks fans have been perplexed because the team seems to be stuck in a cycle. That cycles involves a disappointing exit from the post-season, a strong response from management, an off-season retooling of the team, a stellar regular season followed by [...]

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