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Calgary Flames: Final Push For The Playoffs (a bit late…)

All right, first of all I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks, and i’m sorry for that readers. My life’s been a Roller Coaster lately and when I did catch a break, the flames kept on loosing. Just didn’t feel like it. To be honest, I’ve also been really pissed at the team [...]

Vicariously Rooting For The San Jose Sharks

Converting is always a gradual process. For example after using Windows for almost two decades I’ve made the switch to Mac. The switch was gradual - it started with an iPod, then the iPhone (3 generations), then a MacBook Pro. This past weekend I finally moved all my data off my Windows [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Little Time Left

After tonight’s game against the Washington Capitals, the Penguins will have 8 games left in the regular season. They currently sit 4th in the Eastern Conference after just being pushed out of the 2nd seed with New Jersey’s win last night. How important is it for Pittsburgh to get the 2nd seed? In the big [...]

Is Kyle All Well And Good For Vancouver

Now that Ryan Kesler has been awarded a contract extension, the position of first and second line center will be filled for at least the next six years. So what about the role of third line centre, who could be the best candidate for that job?
Kyle Wellwood currently fills that spot. On July 1st [...]

San Jose Sharks: Sinking Or Sunk?

Most of you have likely seen the original interview and if not you’ve probably seen it’s reincarnation as a beer commercial. After his team did everything wrong to lose a game, when asked Jim Mora responded “Playoffs?! You kiddin’ me?! Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game.” You could replace Jim [...]

The Wings View Of The Playoffs

Many is the blog I’ve bemoaned the lack of consistency, the constant unpredictability, and the peaks and troughs of the Red Wings form.
However, as the season reaches the ‘business end’, there are more than a couple of teams who are suffering a similar fate. Just as the Wings find some form (7-2-1 in last 10), [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: Is Ice Edge Holdings Like a Bad Boyfriend?

In light of the recent news stories surrounding the Ice Edge Group purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes, I have to wonder if this transaction is like a bad relationship. Some red flags to consider:
1) They are Canadian.
And we all know that long distance relationships do not work, have you wondering what they are doing on the [...]

Don’t Tell The Phoenix Coyotes That Hockey Can’t Work In The Desert!

In their 9th straight win, Adrian Aucoin, or “the closer” as he is now being called, won yet another shootout for the Phoenix Coyotes today. What is that #5 for the shootout king?? Even Dave Tippett couldn’t hide his smile as he walked from the bench in Dallas. Not even getting into Dallas [...]

San Jose Sharks Slump At The Right Or Wrong Time?

Back around December 15th of 2009 the San Jose Sharks had just lost their 5th straight hockey game. I did a little research on the subject and discovered that the Sharks don’t lose 5 games in a row very often. Here we are on March 20, 2010 and the Sharks have lost another [...]

Washington Capitals: The Biggest Week Of The Season So Far

This past week could well prove to be the most important of year so far for the Washington Capitals. It all started in Chicago.
Facing a fellow challenger for the President’s Trophy, the Caps found themselves down 3-0, without captain Alex Ovechkin, and looking like lost little kids, with just one period to try to turn [...]

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