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San Jose Sharks Are Finally In The Game

It is my uneducated, irrelevant opinion that the San Jose Sharks are finally into the playoffs. That doesn’t mean ‘physically’ in the playoffs - we’ve been there all along, but mentally in the game. Here are the budding symptoms as I see them…
‘Bouncebackablity’ - Remember the goal off Rob Blakes’ skate? Remember [...]

Washington Capitals: A Disappointing End Brings Plenty of Questions

Apologies for the delay, I was stuck on holiday, and have since been catching up on work and trying to get over the 4-3 series loss to the Montreal Canadiens. As the title suggests, this stunning collapse from 3-1 up to lose in the first round after such a good regular season brings a few [...]

San Jose Sharks Versus “Hot” Wings

Okay I admit it, rockandrollnobody was correct, I was hoping the San Jose Sharks would not have to play the Detroit Red Wings in the second round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it happened anyway. It’s not really that we have to face the Red Wings but more about how we ended [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Next Up The Canadiens!

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had a nice little break after they clinched their first playoff series of 2010 in a 4-3 OT win in game 6 against the Ottawa Senators. Last night, the Penguins finally found out who their opponent would be and that is the Montreal Canadiens. I am not sure about the rest [...]

Detroit Red Wings: I Am…

I am heavily sleep deprived

I am sick of the taste of Red Bull

I am very grouchy

I am really starting to hate my Playoff Beard, which gets thicker, faster, every year I get older

I am happy to declare a new-found respect for the Phoenix Coyotes

I am agreeing with the nomination of Bryzgalov for Vezina

I am mistaken [...]

Counting Pucks

Here is a short math’s test, with some simple questions, about three friends called Alex, Mason and Ryan.
Question One: Alex, Mason, and Ryan each have a bag of pucks. In Alex’s bag there are 35 pucks, Mason has 25 pucks and Ryan also has 25. If you add up all of the pucks what is [...]

Are Sharks Fans Resorting To Desperate Tactics?

Today I was listening to XM Radio’s ‘Power Play’, co-hosted by Scott Laughlin and Phil Esposito, when I heard the most unintentionally hilarious caller. First please understand that ‘Power Play’ is broadcast live from Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto and you can quite often hear the ambient background sounds typical of a dining establishment. [...]

Confessions of a Coyotes Fan..Round 1 Playoff Edition

Bless me Lord Stanley for I have sinned…on the eve of the 7th game of the first round of Stanley Cup Playoffs between my Phoenix Coyotes and The Detroit Red Wings I, as a playoff newbie do solemnly confess the following:
I take back every snarky comment I ever made about a sports fan [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: 1st Round Series In The Books, Penguins Moving On

The Pittsburgh Penguins have defeated the Ottawa Senators in the first round of the 2010 NHL playoffs with a 4-3 overtime win. It was eerily similar to the first round win against Philadelphia last year as the Pens found themselves down 3-0 in game 6 after failing to take the series at home in game [...]

San Jose Sharks First In The West To The Second Round

During the two day lull between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs there were a lot of musings about various topics on XM Radio’s NHL Home Ice. One topic of discussion was centered around who might be this year’s playoff surprise - that one relatively unknown guy that [...]

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