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What The San Jose Sharks Might Look Like Next Season

Is this the Sharks core group of the future?From bleacherreport.com
Bleacherreport.com has put together two very intriguing slide shows and just what the Sharks might look like next season. The first involves the promotion of 4 Worcester Sharks to full time duty in San Jose, and the promotion of Tomas Greiss to goal tending [...]

Patrick Marleau Willing To Work With The San Jose Sharks

Mercurynews.com is reporting that Patrick Marleau is willing to begin talks with San Jose Sharks’ management before the start of free agency. From the article:
“What that sounds like from here: Marleau wants to give the Sharks a fair shot of signing him to a deal at a “hometown discount” (but not a huge [...]

San Jose Sharks And The Chocolate Factory

I’m lucky enough to be a San Jose Sharks partial season ticket holder. One of the perks is guaranteed tickets to the playoffs. When you commit to buy the playoff tickets the team sends you all your tickets before the playoffs begin. The tickets are in a strip like a roll of [...]

Dan Boyle Suggests A Different Message For The San Jose Sharks

Dan Boyle suggested the team take a unified approach when addressing the ‘global’ consensus that the San Jose Sharks are finished. “This is a good time for us to come together here and kind of raise our middle finger and just do it together,” he said Wednesday.
The most frustrating thing about being a sports [...]

A Sharks Fan Plea To Montreal and Philadelphia Fans For Assistance

When it comes to the San Jose Sharks and their 0-2 game deficit, the question is “Are we done yet?” That’s actually a two-way question. “Are we done yet” as in are the San Jose Sharks done for the year? Was it just another great year, this time accomplishing most what they set [...]

Washington Capitals End of Season Evaluations - Defensemen (A-C)

Karl Alzner – 21 Games, 0 Goals-5 Assists-5 Points, -2 Rating
Alzner spent much of the season moving back and forth from Hershey and Washington, but when he was with the Capitals, he was consistently solid on the blue line. Similar to Jeff Schultz in style, Alzner isn’t as attacking as other Caps d-men, but he [...]

San Jose Sharks: Last Blogger Standing

Blogging is not easy. Many people, myself included, initially consider blogging a form of written venting. “Easy” I thought, but not. It’s easy to pick up the phone and pontificate to my hockey friends over a 10-minute phone call, but trying to convert that 10-minute verbal assault into a properly formatted, clearly [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: End Of The Road

As all of you most likely know, the Pittsburgh Penguins were defeated Wednesday night in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs deserve this win as they played outstanding and deserve a lot of credit. It is difficult for me to not point fingers as to why the Penguins [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Don’t Stop Believing…

So we’re out. But you know what? I’m neither surprised, nor upset. I think, with the season we had of running hot and cold, then to make it to round 2 is pretty good going. At some points it looked like we weren’t going to make the post-season at all!
The season started badly. Back to [...]

San Jose Sharks Get The Lucky Draw

All during the playoffs I have been rooting for 3 teams – the San Jose Sharks and any opponent of the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. So far I’ve only been successful with the Sharks (yes I know, it’s better that than the opposite). When the playoffs started the two teams – [...]

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