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Mike Modano, Make Your Mind Up Mate!‏

Sorry for the lack of blogs. I’ve been recovering from surgery to my jaw. I figured that my medical work was nothing compared to what Kris Draper had to endure after ‘that’ Claude Lemieux hit, and since he went on playing hockey, I should suck it up and be like Kris (and I don’t mean [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: The Dog Days of Offseason

Your team is out of the race, the Stanley Cup has been won, the draft is over, you’ve mourned your player losses (good luck Z) and the ice is covered with floorboards for the next few months.
What do you do now?
Plan for the preseason of course! For me this involves a few key items.
Mining [...]

Catching Up With The Capitals

We are now a few weeks into the off-season and although the Washington Capitals have been relatively quiet, there have been a few key events.
Heading into the draft on June 25th, there was speculation over what the Caps might do. Would they trade their first round pick? Would they trade Semin? Would they bring in [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Off-Season In Review

Well, it has been a longer off-season for the Penguins than the past two years which I am hoping is bringing much needed rest to all of the players. As we all know, the NHL Draft has come and gone and so now as the opening of Free Agency. Most Pens fans knew that when [...]

Evgeni Nabokov Off To Russia - Signs Deal With The KHL

When San Jose Sharks general manager Doug Wilson announced that the team would not be offering Evgeni Nabokov a new contract, one of the bantering comments was that Nabokov would sign with a team we’d face somewhere in the playoffs where he’d have a ‘career series against his old team.’ Well, that ain’t gonna [...]

Free Agency - Detroit Red Wings

OK, so Detroit have done precisely naff all in the free agency.
Holland said before the Free Agency opened, that he wanted an enforcer in the organisation. Suddenly, Derek Boogaard is available from Minnesota, and what do the Wings do? Hesitate.
Now, I realise that Boogaard has not registered a point in a game for years, and [...]

Sharks Fans - Do You Trust Doug Wilson?

Back in the 80’s the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons built very different kinds of football teams. The Rams had the traditionally balanced team, the Saints tried to dominate on defense and the Falcons ran the offense-minded ‘Run & Shoot’. Although they were all trying to win in the [...]

Vancouver Canucks: Dan’s The Man

For the Canucks fans the wait is over as they welcome home B.C. boy Dan Hamhuis, to a reported 6-year deal for $4.5million per year. Last season he scored 5 goals and 19 assists for the Predators. Many teams coveted the 6ft 1”, 203lb, 27 year old.
Earlier today they signed Manny Malhotra to [...]

Penaltykill.net Free Agency Thread

We have opened this thread as a place to start sharing or venting your free agency news, comments and rants. Have at it…
Antero Nittymaki - the newest San Jose Shark

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San Jose Sharks Free Agent Day: Devin Setoguchi, Marty Turco

I was very suspicious when the San Jose Sharks signed one restricted free agent, Joe Pavelski, for an estimated $16M over 4 years yet only extended a qualifying offer to their other restricted free agent, Devin Setoguchi. I had to look it up, but here’s the definition of a ‘qualifying offer’ (from ‘about.com’):
“The current [...]

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