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Detroit Red Wings: The Good, The Bad, And The Osgood

Pre-season is always interesting. The scores don’t really matter that much, but what makes the games good to watch, are the new players, the young players, and the new lines that get tested.
Straight off the bat, Modano looks a quality addition to the Wings’ roster. The arguments that he’s too old, are from people [...]

San Jose Sharks: Observations From A Quirky Pre-Season Game

Because of a quirk in the schedule where the Sharks need to finish their pre-season early for their trip to Sweden, the Sharks split their squad with Phoenix that had them play a home game in San Jose and any away game in Phoenix. I’ve always felt that the Bay Area does not have [...]

Could Vancouver Be Morrison’s Last Chance?

For certain players like Kesler, Samuelsson and the Sedins the next few weeks will be a chance to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the start of the new hockey season, as they are guaranteed a place on the Canucks roster. However there are some individuals who face uncertainty about their future.
Like most teams [...]

No C Means No More Excuses

This week one of the most hotly debated subjects surrounding the Canucks reached its course, as it was announced Monday that Luongo had relinquished the C. Was the decision to award the Vancouver net minder the job of Captain the correct thing to do in the first place?
The last time a goalie was named [...]

Washington Capitals: The Fleischmann Dilemma

During this offseason the Capitals have been unsurprisingly (at least I’m not surprised) inactive. All the restricted free agents have now been signed, but other than that, the only notable move in Washington was acquiring enforcer D.J. King from the St. Louis Blues. News did break a couple of weeks ago that Eric Belanger [...]

Pittsburgh Penguins: Training Camp Looms

As exciting as it is to know that the 2010 - 2011 NHL hockey season is only a little more than a month away, I would be lying if I said that hockey has taken a backseat to football right now. However, let me take a break from all of the excitement of football season [...]

Antii Niemi a San Jose Shark?

Rumors are swirling that the San Jose Sharks have signed Antii Niemi to a one-year, $2M contract. Apparently the Sharks are neither confirming nor denying the rumors at this time, but we should hear in the next day or two whether or not the signing has actually occurred.
Couldn’t help it - that’s Niemi [...]

Coyotes Ownership Inspired Board Game…”Clueless”

Oh the drama, the intrigue, the incredible mess. I wasn’t going to talk about this. I really wasn’t but a “mystery” buyer into the now infamous Phoenix Coyote saga? I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Mystery Buyer?” Could it be Reinsdorf in Chicago with a billion dollars? Is it a bunch of hockey fans/”businessmen” in [...]

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