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Lebda And Lilja Make Lidstrom Look Limber

When Detroit allowed both Brett Lebda and Andreas Lilja to leave, there were questions about whether Nik Lidstrom’s 1 year contract was worth it. Lidstrom was given a $6.5m 1 year deal, whilst Lebda and Lilja were both offered deals they refused.
It appears, just a few games into the season, that the decision made by [...]

Anaheim Ducks – Signs of Life!!!

The current road trip has been better than the first; we lost 2 but won 1. Sadly, that is better. But!!! There are signs of life in my favorite team and for that I say: IT’S ABOUT TIME.
Yes, for this road trip, we are 1-2. (Anaheim plays the Stars tonight and they’d better be [...]

Caps Offense Not Firing Properly

You would think that with my team 4th in the Eastern Conference, one point behind the South East Division leaders – Tampa Bay – and 5 wins in 8 games, I would be happy. Think again.
The past few games have highlighted the problems the Caps have had the start of the season – and it [...]

A Suspension By The League Could Be The Least Of Rypien’s Worries

Everyone gets angry from time to time it’s human nature. When Rick Rypien got into a fight on Tuesday night with Wild forward Brad Staubitz the Canuck Centre was just doing his job.
The melee that ensued directly after the on ice scuffle was a complete display of un-professionalism from the Vancouver player, who’s made [...]

Anaheim Ducks - Hello, Coaching Staff?? You There? It’s Me - A Fan!

Every time I sat down to write this, something else happened with the Ducks. So far, Anaheim lost every game on the first road trip. Bobby Ryan of all people led the league in PIM. (??? Really….Ryan is NOT a fighter.) Those 3 games…wow. I can’t say too much about them as there isn’t much [...]

San Jose Sharks: When Game 3 Is More Important Than Game 4?

San Jose Sharks and San Francisco Giantscelebrate their respective moments of joy.
Now that the distractions of the Joe Thornton contract extension and home opener loss have subsided, I realized that there was an actual hockey game played at home and we did have some thoughts on what we were seeing as the game unfolded.
First we [...]

San Jose Sharks: It’s More About The ‘Core’ Than The Game

The San Jose Sharks home opener was everything you’d expect it to be - save for the outcome. The Sharks are sitting on 3 points with a 1-1-1 record but I did remind myself that 1) the Sharks typically play poorly if they have more than one day off between games and 2) conventional [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Sitting On Seven After A Satisfying Start

Detroit are looking ok in the Standings, but busy in the treatment room…again!
Currently 4th in the West behind Dallas (who have 8pts from 8), Nashville (yet to lose in regulation), and Colorado (have 6pts, but above us due to being top of the Northwest), the Wings can feel they’ve had a decent start. 3-1-1 isn’t [...]

Sharksfan Season Opening Check-In

Joe Thornton as San Jose Sharks’ Captain
With the exception of one pre-season game for which I had tickets I have not seen any San Jose Sharks games this season. The reason for this is not a lack of interest but the result of a series of extenuating circumstances. Some pre-season games were shown [...]

Are the Canucks Lacking Cnemistry?

The first week of play may not have gone to plan for a team that is believed to be a cup contender this year. After playing three games and only winning one in regulation the club needs to rectify a few problems.
One area of concern is the lack of goal scoring especially when [...]

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