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Washington Capitals: Welcome Scott Hannan

The past week or two I’ve been sick, hence the lack of posts, and, coincidentally, so have the Washington Capitals. After being shut out twice in three games, by the Thrashers and Devils (losing the other game to the Flyers in a shootout), morale must have been low. However, the last couple of games, things [...]

San Jose Sharks: Sharksfan Reminded Why We Are Here

Just over two years and 180+ posts ago I started this blog. My inspiration was a column by a local sports writer who criticized San Jose Sharks fans for believing in a team unworthy of being believed.
Back then life was much simpler. I used to go to games with my then 10-year old [...]

Thanks Necessary, Coyotes Fans!

Roughly a quarter of the way through the season and you better be giving some thanks Yotes fans! Here are some of the reasons we should be sacrificing a goat or a Red Wing fan to the hockey gods. Kidding …sort of.

- The current 7 game, soon to be 8 game, [...]

Not So Fast - The San Jose Sharks Sliding Backwards

It’s not easy to blog when you’re team is losing.  Sure my definition of ‘losing’ isn’t the same as most, but when you’re 15th in the conference and showing serious signs of weakness it’s difficult to get excited.  The good news is that the Sharks are only 6 points back of the division lead, the [...]

San Jose Sharks Skating In The Right Direction

The San Jose Sharks have quietly climbed to 6th in the Western Conference and are within 4 points of the lead. Due to unusual but fortunate circumstances I was at The Tank for 3 of the 5 games during this home stand (Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders and Los Angeles Kings). Some [...]

“Put Up” Or “Shut Up” Time For The San Jose Sharks

When I evaluate whether or not a team is on the decline one of the symptoms I look for is earning a winning record by beating teams that won’t make the playoffs and losing to teams preparing for the playoffs. And while I know it’s early in the season and the playoff picture is [...]

Anaheim Ducks…Ducks!

Ok – I’ll admit it: I had to check the standings twice tonight to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. The Ducks are fourth in the conference behind the KINGS? Ahead of the SHARKS? Second in the division, again behind the KINGS? Again, ahead of the SHARKS??
I should probably print the standings [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Outstanding Ousting Of Oilers‏

Well, aren’t I just the happiest little bunny (or big bunny, as at 6’4” and 250lbs I’m neither little, nor bunny-like)?
If the Red Wings were an adjective, that adjective would be awesome. At 10-3-1, top of the Central Division, just a point behind LA, the Conference leaders, and a team that looks to be brimming [...]

San Jose Sharks And The Hockey Mendoza Line

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but the San Jose Sharks have quietly sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Division. Although being 12th in the Western Conference is a slightly better conference standing than last week, the Sharks are - in my opinion - treading in very dangerous waters. On Monday [...]

Three’s The Magic Number

The saying goes two’s company three is a crowd. That sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth in regards to the Canucks third line. The current group of Manny Malhotra, Raffi Torres and Jannik Hansen was only assembled six games ago. Since then they have managed to accrue a combined total of nineteen points and [...]

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