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Washington Capitals: Slump Stopped At Eight

That’s right! The Capitals’ losing streak ended at eight with a 3-2 comeback win over the Ottawa Senators on Sunday evening. The worst slump of Bruce Boudreau’s tenure as Washington coach is finally over and, as we saw from his reaction at the final horn, and may have guessed would be the case from his [...]

San Jose Sharks Trade Options

It’s been incredibly frustrating trying to write about the San Jose Sharks. When you go from incredibly heroic (Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks) to horribly disappointing (Nashville Predators) it becomes difficult to focus on one topic long enough to put some thoughts together. Just when you think you have something to [...]

Canucks v Blue Jackets Preview

The past weekend was quite an eventful one that included the festivities of the retirement of franchise leading scorer Markus Naslund’s jersey, a home loss to the Lightning and a dominant road victory against the Oilers.
Vancouver’s next game will be at Rogers Arena on Wednesday night when the Canucks host Columbus. The Blue Jackets most [...]

Cleary And Kronwall Crushed By Cruising Quick

Since my last blog, my Red Wings have posted 2-3-1, which is a little disappointing considering the form we were in earlier on. However, when you’re collecting enough points to stay top of the Division, and Conference, then I’m not about to complain.
We lost to LA in OT, and then to San Jose and Nashville, [...]

A Phoenix Coyotes Ownership Carol

Deck the city with boughs of red tape.
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Tis the season for owner talk to hate
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Done we now our Coyotes jerseys
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Troll the halls of City Council
Fa la la la la, la la [...]

Washington Capitals: Don’t Panic, It’s Just A Little Slump

Some Caps fans may be getting a little anxious about their team right now, with the team on a four-game losing streak, hitting a new low Thursday night after being shutout 3-0 at the Verizon Center by the bottom-of-the-division Florida Panthers. It’s the culmination of a run of really poor form, with the offense [...]

San Jose Sharks Beat Philadephia Flyers by One-Tenth Of A Second

The NHL Network has a show called ‘Classic Games’ where, mostly during the summer, they replay…well classic games. One such game was the San Jose Sharks against the Detroit Red Wings from January 17th 2009. I was lucky enough to be there for that game and it has since gone down as probably [...]

An “Engaging” Weekend With The Phoenix Coyotes!

Although The Phoenix Coyotes earned a point in Saturday night’s game against the Florida Panthers, it wasn’t a pretty one. Our Captain, despite a big goal, did not look as though he needed to be on the ice so soon after his injury and the rest of the team wandered about as though still suffering [...]

The Swedish Connection

When asked what is Sweden famous for most people would agree Ikea, Meat Balls and Volvo cars. Very few would answer that question with the Pace Maker, invented by Rune Elmqvist in 1958 or the Safety Match, which was first patented in 1844 by Gustaf Erik Pasch. If your reading this on a flat screen [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Henrik Hits Home A Handful!‏

Whilst I sit in my snow-bound office, watching the droves of people panic they’ll get stuck in work, I reflect on what has been a fantastic start by the Red Wings in this 10-11 season.
As the cars slide around on the ice and snow, as Britain grinds to a halt because [...]

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