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Canucks V Predators Preview

Nashville (27.16. 6) Points 60
When these two clubs lock horns it will be the first of four meetings, last season both teams met on four occasions with each side winning a game at home and once on the road. Nashville took to the ice on Monday 24th January against the Flames, where they tried to [...]

Nabakov Comes Knocking But New York Nick Him

So the high-profile attempt by the Red Wings to snatch Evgeni Nabakov takes another twist, this time it’s New York Islanders GM Garth Snow who says he expects Nabakov to play in an Islanders uniform. Can’t help but think he’s a little optimistic.
For those of you who haven’t been aware of the saga surrounding this, [...]

Jason Chimera Saves The Capitals

It’s been a while since my last post, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of goings on in Washington, including two games against the Penguins – one shootout loss and one historic win in the Winter Classic – highlighted by the culmination of HBO’s stunning 24/7 series covering the two teams. After that [...]

Shuffling The Deck With The San Jose Sharks

The official statement from San Jose Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson was “We’ve been caught by the injury bug lately, so we needed some more bodies, some NHL experience on our forward lines…”. Okay. But when I heard of the acquisition of Ben Eager and Kyle Wellwood I immediately thought of one thing [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Clipped Wings Can’t Keep Collecting Casualties

Surely everyone remembers last season, where Detroit was struggling all through the season, mainly due to injury, and then after the Olympic break, we managed to put together some excellent form and pile into the Playoffs?
What I would give for an Olympic break right now.
We’re really battered with injuries and are beginning to struggle [...]

San Jose Sharks Redefine Insanity

What’s the definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This in a nut shell is what the Sharks have done during their 6 game losing streak. Sure, they have tweaked the lines because of injury, but still resort to their top players to make plays [...]

San Jose Sharks Making National Headlines

Just how bad is the situation with the San Jose Sharks? I listen to NHL Home Ice on XM Radio which is ‘pseudo’ national, meaning a lot of the programming comes out of the East Coast, Canada and from the NHL Network itself. Generally speaking - despite the ongoing argument - the coverage [...]

A Much Improved Kesler Is Paying Dividends For His Club

How many times have you heard people say things like? “Paul is good at sports, but there’s always room for improvement”, or “If my child could just improve their grades I really think they could be top of the class.”
There aren’t many people who are perfect; even those individuals that are considered great have to [...]

San Jose Sharks: A Blur In The Background

It’s been a VERY loooong time since I’ve posted. Because the San Jose Sharks continue to swing from very good to very frustrating I still find it hard to focus on any one topic. Any thoughts I have about any trends get demolished during the next pendulum swing, a swing that seems to [...]

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