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Detroit Red Wings: Is Modano Here To Bolster The Wings, Or Here For The Ride?

Mike Modano’s return to his homeland of Michigan brought with it great memories. But not just of Modano’s glittering career with the Minnesota North Stars and Dallas Stars franchises, as an exceptional forward and the highest scoring American player in the NHL. His tally of 1359 points from 1459 games was staggering, and many veteran [...]

San Jose Sharks: How The West Was Won…Mostly

Joe Pavelski (Getty Images)
Tonight will be the last non-Pacific Division opponent for the San Jose Sharks. After the game with the Calgary Flames the Sharks have 8 games against divisional opponents: 2 games against the Los Angeles Kings, 3 games against the Phoenix Coyotes, 1 game against the Dallas Stars (Elbowgate 2), and 2 [...]

Washington Capitals: 9 Is Bigger Than 8

Back in early December, the Caps got stuck in what ended up as an eight game losing streak. At the time, of course, lots of people in the game and fans started to really doubt the quality and consistently of the team. Concerns over offense rose, and questions over the advantages of the new system [...]

San Jose Sharks - Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday I wrote that despite the standings and the push to the playoffs, all I wanted to see at the game last night was a “…Sharks win during one of those epic games.” Well…although they didn’t win the game WAS rather epic!
First let me make one thing clear, I don’t really care about [...]

How To Help Hudler Hold His Head High

When Jiri Hudler returned to Detroit in the closed season, he was welcomed back as a strong Powerplay kind of guy, and a knack for scoring opportune goals. With a modest cap hit and a proven track record, there were very few Red Wings pessimists regarding this deal. Hudler had been away from Detroit for [...]

San Jose Sharks ‘Kind Of A Must Win’ Against The Vancouver Canucks

If you want home ice advantage throughout the playoffs then it goes without saying that a game against the number one team in the league qualifies as one of those ‘must win’ games. However with just 15 games left and behind by 11 points it seems highly unlikely that the San Jose Sharks can [...]

Long Journey To The NHL Was No Sweatt For Defenceman

Every person who has been lucky enough to lace up their skates and step on to NHL ice has been on a journey. For the Sidney Crosbys, Evgeni Malkins and Alexander Ovechkins of this world, the path taken to reach their dreams was perhaps a simple one. For others it’s not quite so straightforward.
Players like [...]

San Jose Sharks Versus The Detroit Red Wings (And Beyond)

Ever since January 17, 2009, the date of the epic regular season game between the San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings (as seen on NHL Network’s ‘Classic Games’ series), the Sharks have been unable to defend home ice against the Red Wings during the regular season. I’m painfully aware of this because I’ve [...]

Detroit Red Wings: 7 Game Stats And Surly Suggestions‏

7 games have come and gone since my last blog, and it seems the Wings are still holding firm at the top end of the Conference. I don’t expect to topple the high-flying Canucks right now, but a 5-2-0 record is not exactly a bad thing, and as we head into the final 20-odd [...]

Washington Capitals: Three Great Moves

Yes I am one happy Caps fan right now. With other teams making lots of moves prior to the trade deadline, I was worrying George McPhee may have left it too late to improve his team. But he has made three excellent moves in the past three days, to give the Capitals a great roster [...]

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