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San Jose Sharks - It Is The Red Wings…Again

I have to pick a side. If I don’t then what’s the point of watching sports? And when picking a side I have four buckets to choose from – The San Jose Sharks (Bucket 1), teams I hate (Bucket 2), teams that don’t bother me (Bucket 3) and teams I don’t care about [...]

How I Spent My 2010-2011 Season With The Coyotes

As the Stanley Cup playoffs rage on, the Phoenix Coyotes’ season has come to an end. Once again it’s been a year for the history books and this is how PuckGal, and I am sure other fans, spent the 2010-2011 season:
- Defending the position that hockey DOES belong in the desert
- Converting more friends to [...]

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 1

Just over a week old, the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs have already seen some surprises. One team have already been knocked out, and another is making a spirited, and surprising comeback against the league’s best team. Let’s delve a little deeper.
Vancouver v Chicago
The Canucks opened their Playoff campaign against last-gasp qualifiers, Chicago. The starting game, [...]

Timeline Of A San Jose Sharks Fan

I knew going into the first round of the playoffs that I would not be able to watch Game 3 and Game 4 between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings. I have commitments on Tuesday nights and Thursday I’ll be travelling. As such I got tickets to both Game 1 and Game [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Confessions Of A Playoff Beard‏

Last year, the Red Wings made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where they were eliminated in game 5 by the San Jose Sharks. April 14th 2010 to May 8th 2010, a period of 24 days.
Every post-season, I throw down my razor and join the Red Wings majority in the cultivation [...]

Washington Capitals: Uh Oh, It’s the Rangers

Out of all the teams the Capitals could have faced in the first round of the playoffs going into the last couple of weeks of the regular season, the New York Rangers looked possibly the most daunting. Perhaps the Montreal Canadiens, who downed the Caps in the first round last year, would have been worse, [...]

The Final Insult

It’s that time again folks, for the summary of goings on in the NHL. This final installment encompasses the whole of the NHL Regular season 10-11. If this looks like a lot of stats to get through, don’t worry it’s not, and in case you’re still not convinced, I’ve broken it down into a little [...]

Detroit Red Wings: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Defense

The Red Wings’ Defensemen are in awe of Nick Lidstrom, but to be honest, I think anyone who’s ever watched and understood hockey, should be in awe of Nick Lidstrom. Not only a great player, but also an exceptionally intelligent man, it’s often thought his first language is Swedish, when really, his first language is [...]

Off-Topic: What’s In A Name - West

What’s in a name? WESTERN CONFERENCE
EASTERN CONFERENCE here: http://www.hendrickshockey.net/?p=434
And to complete the absolutely true* reasons behind the naming of the NHL Hockey teams, here for your delicious pleasure, are the Western Conference franchises.
Chicago BLACKHAWKS: Original GM Fred McLaughlin had served in WWI with the “Blackhawk Regiment”, and honoured his military past by naming the hockey [...]

Off-Topic: What’s In A Name - East

What’s in a name? Ever thought a team’s name was really odd, or even really rubbish?
Here listed for your reading and ridicule are the reasons why the teams of the NHL are known by their names.
New Jersey DEVILS: The Jersey Devil, according to Wikipedia, “is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of [...]

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