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Detroit’s Defence Looks Decidedly Dicey

With the season over, it’s time to look at contracts, new players, and retirements.
Brian Rafalski has retired with 3 Stanley Cups to his name, and has been one of the first names on the team sheet for the USA National Team since 2002. Not bad for a player that was undrafted. His knee problems are [...]

Canadian Kids Get All The Luck (An Englishman Learns To Skate)

When you’re growing up, you learn a lot about your body. I know this sounds like an introduction to a school video about what to expect through puberty, but it’s not, so bear with me.
As a child, you grow accustomed to the things in your environment, and they become second nature. Take swimming for example. [...]

The Final Is Dawning On Us…‏

What a couple of weeks it’s been.
I know I’ve been a little quieter than usual, but a damaged wrist ruined my ability to type for longer than a couple of paragraphs. Now it makes a lovely cracking sound when I stretch it, like reaching for a sieve, or changing gear in my car, and all [...]

San Jose Sharks Fans Thank You To San Francisco Giants Fans

Sunday morning my friend was driving down to the South of Market area in San Francisco. There’s an intersection where, on one side, you have AT&T Park – home of the San Francisco Giants. On the other side you have the CalTrain train station. My friend noted that a group of Giants [...]

The San Jose Sharks: End Of Days

Yesterday I was reading an article about Judgment Day and how, according to some calculations, the Armageddon will start on May 21st. The person who calculated this date says not to make any plans for Memorial Day because that day isn’t coming. I don’t believe in such things and I DO have plans [...]

San Jose Sharks - WINNING!

I heard a long time ago: don’t use pop-culture references when writing, either for print (read: blog) or in songs, for the minute you write it down it is no longer relevant. I completely agree with that however in this case ‘Winning!’ might be the only time where that rule doesn’t apply. If [...]

San Jose Sharks…Game 7 - Enough Said

It was Tuesday, April 22 2008. It was the first time in San Jose Sharks history that they hosted a playoff Game 7 at home. It was against the Calgary Flames and the Sharks, although winning by a final of 5-3, put up 4 goals in the second period to enter the second [...]

Playoffs Show The West And East In Different Lights

Considering the constant comparisons of East and West, and the close call often made between the two, I think this season’s playoffs second round has thrown the discussion wide open again.
1st round it’s fairly straightforward as you would expect. Both East and West have dominating teams (Detroit over Phoenix, Washington over New York Rangers), and [...]

Dear San Jose Sharks - A Letter From A Detroit Red Wings Fan

Dear San Jose Sharks,
Please, if you’re going to beat us, can it be by a blowout 4-5 goals or something?
Losing in OT or by one goal is really irritating as we then analyse everything in the game to try and figure out where we could have snatched victory in what was a very close game.
At [...]

San Jose Sharks - It IS The Red Wings Again

A week ago I wrote that history was repeating itself - the San Jose Sharks were meeting the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Semi-Finals for the second year in a row. The post was titled ‘It Is The Red Wings…Again’. Well as you all know it’s EXACTLY the same thing again. [...]

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