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Flyers Bounce Back After Rough Stretch

Flyers vs Canes (Flyers 5 - Canes 1) The Flyers bounced back with much better play against the Carolina Hurricanes Saturday night. Scott Hartnell got the Flyers on the board early in the first. The Giroux, Hartnell, Jagr line had a big night with Giroux getting 4pts (goal, three assists), Jagr getting two [...]

Problems Vancouver?

Alright so Vancouver almost won the cup last year, that’s really great, but what the heck? They have a star line up, but none of them seem to be playing well. Okay so you have/had injuries; Raymond, Rome, Kesler (who has returned), etc. They still have many players who should be able to pick up [...]

San Jose Sharks Underwater In A Bad Way

It’s 2010 all over again. The San Jose Sharks currently sit at 26th in a league of 30. They’re ahead of Columbus, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary. With just two point and a 1-3-0 record maybe this wasn’t the year to become a full season ticket holder…

It’s not easy to watch your hockey players run into [...]

Detroit’s Surprise Packages

So here we go again. The season starts, and we all saddle up for this unpredictable and emotional rollercoaster that is the new NHL season.
As you will probably know, my team is the Detroit Red Wings. I’m sure, however, that these experiences are not limited to my team only, and are [...]

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