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San Jose Sharks: Lose Two And Drop From Third To Ninth

On The War Room, a program on XM Radio’s ‘NHL Home Ice’ channel, the topic of the day was ‘do you like the style of play in today’s NHL and do you like parity’. Since today IS the only style of play I know I really cannot speak to that question, but when it [...]

San Jose Sharks: The Boys Were Back In Town…

…they’re just wearing different colors. As last night’s game between the San Jose Sharks and Minnesota Wild drew near my girlfriend continued to mull over that one burning question – how would the crowd respond to Devin Setoguchi and Dany Heatley’s return to San Jose?
First let me make it perfectly clear that I’m not [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Bittersweet Statistics‏

Records are a curious thing. In hockey, stats seem to be so very important, and there are so many, that whenever a goal is scored, I half expect to hear that it was Zetterberg’s 5th backhanded goal of the season, 3rd when at even strength and 1st from the left side of the crease against [...]

Jackets Feeling Blue After Facing Flyers…

Flyers 9 - Jackets 2 Obviously, things went well for the Philadelphia Flyers last night playing the Columbus Blue Jackets. Yes, the Flyers did a great job scoring, passing and winning a couple fights to boot. But, to me, the story of the night is how poorly the Jackets have played. [...]

Flyers Beat Themselves In This One….

NJ 4 - Flyers 3 (SO) The Flyers beat themselves tonight plain and simple. The Flyers started out well and played a fairly strong first period. However, in the second and third periods, sloppy play, bad passes and too many defensive face off losses killed them. You can’t lose that many [...]

For Flyers It’s Miller Time…

Flyers 3 - Buffalo 2 The Philadelphia Flyers chased all-star goalie Ryan Miller from the net in the first period of last nights 3-2 Flyers victory. Miller has a way of seeming less than stellar when playing the Flyers over the years, including last years game 7 Flyers win in the first round [...]

San Jose Sharks Return To Port

Apparently the stories are true – road trips help. I guess it’s a fine line between the upsides (team building/bonding, less self-imposed pressure to entertain the crowd) and downsides (fatigue), but this early in the season it appears the latest San Jose Sharks road trip did more help than harm. Granted the Sharks are still [...]

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