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San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Bulls And The San Francisco 49ers: A Case Study

I asked Pat Curcio, head coach and president of the San Francisco Bulls, why the San Jose Sharks stick with certain players. One in particular is not very big, doesn’t score a lot of goals but gets a decent amount of ice time. Coach Curcio said it’s because ‘he works hard’. That’s [...]

San Francisco 49ers vs. San Jose Sharks - Playoff Formats

Let’s talk a little football. I know this is a hockey blog but if you dig through the archives you’ll see that my love of football is why I’m a hockey fan. And it’s my blog so I can write whatever I want (no puppy videos).
For context I grew up watching the San [...]

A Night Out With The San Francisco Bulls

California Redwoods. No not the trees but the football team. Never heard of them? Probably not. The California Redwoods were San Francisco’s United Football League (UFL) team during the league’s inagural 2009 season. They lasted one year and have since moved to Sacramento. How about the San Francisco Demons? [...]

San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Bulls And Washington Capitals

This might be the beginning of a new story line for us here at The ‘Net. In case you didn’t already know San Francisco has a new hockey team - the ECHL San Francisco Bulls. Their inaugural season is this fall (October 2012) and their new home is the Bay Area favorite Cow [...]

San Jose Sharks Need To Make Their Playoff Push Now

Believe it or not the NHL is about 7 to 10 days away from the half-way point of the season. As a San Jose Sharks fan I can say absolutely the team is not where I hoped we would be. Unlike early season predictions that the Pacific Division would be the toughest division [...]

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