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San Francisco Bulls: Sweater Unveiling March 7th

Truth be known I work for a company called Glam Media. Our focus is on women and the topics that interest them - fashion, style, celebrity - and I could easily lose my man-cards working here if it wasn’t known that this is a Pre-IPO tech start-up. My job here is NOT editorial [...]

San Jose Sharks: ‘Playoffs?! Playoffs? Did You Say Playoffs!’

Over this past summer I had an opportunity to take over ownership of a pair of full season tickets. They’re probably the least expensive seats in the building but my section, plus the adjoining sections, are all long-time season ticket holders. There’s a great sense of community up there. It’s a really fun [...]

Patrick Kane In A San Jose Sharks Sweater?

So far this season it’s been difficult to get a read on just what kind of team the San Jose Sharks are this year. Win some, lose some. Beat good teams, lose to not-so-good teams. Some teams own us, others we own them. I don’t think we’re as skilled of a [...]

Super Bowl Commercial For Canandian-Eyes Only

Super Bowl commercials have taken on a life form of their own. They’ve become the event within the event. Of late it hasn’t been quite as attention-grabbing as in the past but it still has its buzz.
However one commercial, perhaps the best one this past Super Bowl, wasn’t shown here in the United [...]

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