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San Jose Sharks: Missing The Playoffs And Their Not-So-Magic Number

Entering the game against the Anaheim Ducks the San Jose Sharks controlled their own destiny. Two games and two losses later they no longer control their own destiny (well, they kind of do but it’s highly dependent upon other teams also controlling their own destiny). The Sharks have 9 games left in this [...]

San Francisco Bulls: How To Attend A ‘Media-Only’ Event

Yesterday I attended my first media-only event, the unveiling of the San Francisco Bulls new hockey sweater. If the lack of quality writing is any clue you can probably guess that I am NOT a professional journalist, so for me attending yesterday’s event was an experience in and of itself.
Fortunately I’ve built a few [...]

San Francisco Bulls: Behold The New Team Sweater!

As I wrote last week I work for a company whose primary target audience is women, in particular those with an interest in style and fashion. Sadly I am never mistaken for a fashionista, however I will submit for your consideration that sports apparel and the use of the sports logo has become a [...]

San Jose Sharks: Almost Time To Check Out

I can’t remember if it was earlier this season or last season, but I was at a game where the San Jose Sharks ended a period horribly. I believe the team had been losing of late and their play was very sub-par. When the Sharks left the ice after that period a mild [...]

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