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A Holiday Gift To Sharks Fans

sharksfanJust in time for the holidays Sharks fans will be treated to some very good opponents, the Detroit Red Wings (12/18), the New York Rangers (12/10) and the Vancouver Canucks (12/23). This stretch looks like the best test of the Sharks since the Sharks faced the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Red Wings at the end of October.

The trap here is the game before the Red Wings, the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. It’s very easy to overlook that game in anticipation of Detroit so it’ll be interesting to see just how focused the team is in Ohio. If the team can demonstrate an ability to focus on the task at hand then perhaps The Plan is working.

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I said it here that we should expect to see this Sharks team break a lot of records this season and so far the numbers keep adding up. They set a Sharks record for most games in a season with at least 40 shots (ongoing), set a new Sharks record of most points in a game by defensemen (9), tied an NHL record for best start in 25 games, broke an NHL record for best start in 26 games, first team to reach 50 points this season (not really a record but a nice notable), and best start in 30 games in NHL history.

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