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San Jose Sharks

A Letter To An Editor

sharksfanDear Mr. Old Timer,

I really appreciate your dedication to writing for our blog. Because of your loyalty to your team I’ve actually managed to follow, with some interest, the progress of the Vancouver Canucks. I remember back when the season first started you had reserved enthusiasm around your expectations for this team. Specifically, your outlook was if Roberto Luongo stayed healthy you just might make it into the playoffs.

Your team won, then kept winning, then Luongo went out and they still kept winning. I was listening to NHL Home Ice today and when asked, over more than one show, what surprised most analysts at this point in the season, they pretty much all said the same things:

1 – The San Jose Sharks are exceeding everyone’s expectations
2 – The Boston Bruins turned out to be a far better team than anyone expected.

The third was a tie between the Chicago Blackhawks and Vancouver Canucks and just how impressed everyone is with both those teams.

The general consensus was also that, once Mats Sundin is fully integrated into your team and once Roberto Luongo is back and 100%, the Vancouver Canucks could make a lot of noise in the playoffs. “Making a lot of noise” was defined as not being able to win it all but being good enough to make it tough on the likes of the Detroit Red Wings and San Jose Sharks.

I don’t know if Roberto Luongo or Mats Sundin could have saved your team tonight. I know you mentioned that the Canucks probably arrived in San Jose at around 4:00 am because the schedule gods have a sick sense of humor, but I would have expected at least one good period out of them before fatigue set in.

San Jose Sharks radio announcer Dan Rusanowsky said the Sharks use the Red Wings as a measuring stick and when the Sharks lost horribly to the Red Wings the other night the Sharks used that game as motivation for just how much more work they need to do. I dare say that the Canucks should use tonight’s game in much the same way as it’s very hard to win a hockey game when 1) you play several minutes of the first period short handed, sometimes with only three skaters and 2) what skaters you do have on the ice keep tripping over the lines painted under the ice.

I kid because I care.

We will meet again and I’m sure the Canucks will get some payback some time down the road. But like I said to my friend TorturedKingsFan after the Sharks came back from two down to beat his Los Angeles Kings – “Don’t feel too bad, it happens to everyone. No really, I mean it, when it comes to this year’s Sharks, it happens to everyone!”

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