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Our Mission: Promote hockey through independent reporting in an environment free of defamatory remarks. By hockey fans, for hockey fans.

Playing Short Handed: You know the feeling - your hockey team plays one of the best games of the season, coming back from a huge deficit to win in the final minutes…with your backup goalie no less. Still feeling the elation from the night before you check the morning paper to see the huge headline about your team’s great victory and all you find is a few paragraphs off the AP wire about how your team scored “…the go-ahead goal with just 0:50 left in the third for their 5th win in 8 games.” That’s it. No local reporting. The story doesn’t come close to describing the energy or emotion of the game. It’s almost like it never happened, or more disturbing like it doesn’t MATTER that it happened. And your puny article is across from a full page story evaluating in great detail how your football team’s late-round draft picks are making the most of their first season in the NFL - sitting on the bench.

That’s the life of an NHL fan in the United States - it’s like we’re always playing short handed. We’re always down a man when compared to the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, the Ryder Cup, the X-Games, The Breeders Cup…

And if you’re a West Coast hockey fan it’s even worse, it’s like playing two-men down. Last year during the playoffs I was listening the NHL Home Ice on XM and they spent 18 minutes talking about the Washington/Philly game and only 2 minutes on the Sharks’ Game 7 victory over Calgary. Two minutes on a Game 7!?!? Some of the commentators admitted they didn’t see the game because since they’re on the East Coast the game was on really late for them. Really late?!?! Are they in the 5th grade and it’s a school night?

It was then that I knew I had to do something. From that was born penaltykill.net. We’re here to fill the gap - fans turned reporters. We’re you at the game? Tell us about it. Got an uncle who works for the team, interview him. Fix zamboni’s for a living? Explain it. This is where hockey gets its respect.

The philosopy behind this site is to provide news for the fan in a way that is positive and promotes hockey in a positive way.

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