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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks – Bad Hits, Bad Calls

This was emailed to me this morning, in response to the Paul Gaustad hit on Ryan Getzlaf, resulting in Getzlaf’s broken nose. I was interested to see what you all thought on the subject:

“Why is it that if an Anaheim Duck player turns into a player on purpose and that player gets hurt, they get called for a penalty? But when an opposing player does it to an Anaheim Ducks Player, it is just incidental? Where is the consistency of the NHL? Why is it that the NHL shows favoritism? For example, why is it allowed when the sports announcers, who are correct in saying, ” just got away with too many men on the ice again?” I would like to hear the NHL answer these questions! I hope that this could be a wakeup call for the NHL otherwise they could lose the types of fans that sustains their income!!!!!!”

I can understand where this fan is coming from; I am sure all fans will say that their team gets bad calls as well. I have to say Corey Perry and his 4 game suspension in January is a good example. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t elbow or that punishment was needed; what I’m saying is that right after that, Senator’s Ruutu BIT the Sabre’s Peters and only received 2 games suspension. He BIT another player. Elbow a player (which could be an incidental) and get a 4 game suspension, but go ahead a BITE the opposing player! Hey – you’ll only be required to sit out 2 games!! And yes, Chris Pronger has a reputation for…..um…. well, not the nicest of plays. (He is however, 6’6” without skates. I mean, c’mon! Think where HIS elbows are in relation to a shorter player!!) Had Pronger bit the player, he probably would have been suspended for the rest of the season!! It has seemed of late that Anaheim is getting called for things the opposing team is doing as well. Don’t even start me on the “too many men on the ice” calls…….

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