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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks – Olympic Bound

Anaheim DucksAs anyone who is living on planet earth knows, the Winter Olympics started last Friday, Feb 12. However, as any hockey fan knows, the games don’t really start until tomorrow…

Since the last post, Anaheim has played 4 games leading up to the Winter Games. February 8 saw the LA Kings play at the Honda Center. This was an important game for both teams for numerous reasons; for the fans, we just wanted to see our team beat the Kings. They came into the Ponda on a streak: 10 wins in a row. The Ducks also had a streak to continue – 9 home wins. There is a lot of bad blood between the fans of these two teams, so you know we each were desperate for a win. Not to mention, the Feb 4th game saw my Ducks on the wrong end of a schooling. Ouch. Anaheim has been such an amazing team at home lately and this game was no exception. Anaheim beat the Kings 4-2, thereby ending the Kings winning streak and furthering the Ducks home streak to 10, tying the franchise record. To the King fan who decided he was going to talk smack after the game: whose streak is broken now?

February 10th was the last home game before the Olympic break and it was the Edmonton Oilers who received the loss, 3-2. This was an ugly, ugly game for the Ducks, but 2 points is 2 points. Both Edmonton goals were short-handed, which is extremely frustrating. The Ducks will play the Oilers again the Sunday before the Olympians go off to play for their countries. The Ducks now have a franchise record 11 home game winning streak!!

February 13th, the Ducks were on the road and played the Calgary Flames. I was lucky enough to watch this game; I don’t have Center Ice, but I know someone who does. Honestly, the most entertaining part of this 3-1 Duck loss was the Canadian commercials. Some of the oddest I’ve ever seen…. The Ducks were slow and didn’t play their game. There were many good chances created by Anaheim, but Kiprusoff was just too good. There seemed to be double the amount of Flames on the ice whenever Anaheim came into the Flames zone; I joked that they were puffer fish near their net. Anytime the Ducks came near, there just wasn’t any room to shoot. Before the game, the Flames recognized all the Olympians on the ice with kids bearing the respective countries flags and jerseys; that was classy.

February 14 saw the Ducks once again playing the Oilers, this time in Edmonton. I was a bit worried with this game as I felt the Oilers would come out aggressive in revenge for the prior loss. Sadly, I wasn’t able to watch this game; instead it was radio for me. It sounded like the Ducks played better in their 7-3 win and all of Canada rejoiced that Ryan Getzlaf not only played, but had a 4 point game. (Yes – he’s on the Canadian roster for sure now!) It sounded like the Oilers gave the Ducks a run in the second period – again, another short-handed goal – but the Ducks came back decisively in the 3rd. Once again, the Olympians were honored before the game, this time the kids with the jerseys and flags came out onto the ice, with the players behind them. 10 total this game – 8 Ducks and 2 Oilers. Real classy move again and wicked cool picture.

As of now, the Ducks sit just 2 points out of the 8th spot. Déjà vu…….

So, tomorrow starts the Olympic hockey tournament. I can’t wait. Although, it will be strange to see the Ducks in different uniforms. Hiller has a new mask for the occasion - check out my friend Justin’s site for the pictures: http://www.thegoalieguild.com/?p=3155 THAT will be strange to see as well. I got comfortable seeing these players in their Ducks uniforms and hearing their names in conjunction with those who are usually ‘enemies’…..well, that will be peculiar, too. Getzlaf, Perry, Thorton, Heatly on the same team??? LOL. One can’t help but be proud to see these players that we watch daily, discuss endlessly and even fight over (Hello, Kings fan!) perform for their countries. It makes someone like myself a bit schizophrenic trying to watch all the games your players are in! DVR is a good thing. So, until the end of the Olympic break, I’ll just say:

GO USA! GO CANADA! GO FINLAND! GO SWITZERLAND! (somewhere in there, there will be at least one medal brought home to Anaheim!)

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  1. Congratulations - Getzlaf & Perry are on Team Canada’s second line, and Thornton/Heatley/Marleau are Team Canada’s third line. If anything, maybe that gives your guys more ice time than our guys - which might reduce our guys’ chances of getting injured!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | February 16, 2010, 3:02 pm

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