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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks Beat Dallas Stars 4-3

Anaheim DucksThe game last night versus the Stars was probably one of the biggest reasons I love hockey so much: it was frustrating, exciting and darn near killed me in the end. The first period was a great 20 minutes for the Ducks; they played their ‘A’ game and dominated the period. When the first intermission rolled around, the score was 2-0, in the Ducks favor. Bobby Ryan had assists on both goals during the first period and was playing all over the place. Sheldon Brookbank had a 5 minute fighting major and he is quickly becoming, at least to me, a guy who will stand up for his teammates without hesitation. (I like that and I am starting to watch for him on the ice.) This game was the first time I’ve seen Getzlaf since his “accident” (see my blog on 2-26) and WOW! Hockey is an obviously physical game, but Getzlaf looked horrible: black eyes, swollen face. While I understand that each person reacts differently to injuries, I have to think this goes to show the violence of that hit. But, I digress…

During the second period of this game, I remember thinking: who is this team in white; did aliens come down and switch my team while they were in the locker room? The Stars owned the next 20 minutes, tying the game. Ribeiro was all over the place for the entire game and received the game’s 1st star. (As much as I hate to say it, yes, he deserved it.) The Ducks just couldn’t get it together and I am positive they were as relieved as I was for that period to end. I look at each intermission as a way for the team to sit down, reflect and get yelled at by the coaching staff. At least, I hope they got yelled at during the second intermission. Yes, they are professionals. Yes, they know their game. But, since they are professionals and do know their game, there is no reason for them to play the way they did during period 2. (I’m ignoring the fact there was an opposing team on the ice, who were playing better at that time!!)

My hopes were a little higher at the beginning of the third, until the Stars scored their third goal. Sigh. Here we go again with these Ducks, I thought. Another penalty called??? Wait – on who? Parros? Well, color me shocked!! Not to see him in the sin bin, but to see him in there for interference?? What? (Almost as funny as when he got 2 min for diving. DIVING?) As I’m laughing at him (mind you, he can’t hear me, so I’m pretty brave at this point) and shaking my head, the camera cuts to him shaking his head as well. That’s a rarity to have him in the box for a minor, so he should be shaking his head at himself. Now I’m wondering if Parros just started that infamous Duck Conga line into the box. Luckily, the rest of the team didn’t want to continue that dance…..until the end of the game, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Corey Perry, in one of the coolest spin-o-rama’s, tied the game a little later. It was wicked cool on TV and I have to say, I was a little (tiny, tiny bit) sad for Turco; however, there wasn’t much he could have done. The game winning goal went to Teemu Selanne, who received the puck from Andrew Ebbett and bam – there it went into the net. Just as fast, just as beautiful; you gotta love Selanne. (Ebbett, by the way, received the 3rd star of the game and is really coming along! Wonder how HIS broken nose is feeling)

The end of the game had me on my feet pacing, praying to all the hockey gods, as the Ducks need every point. (The game against Boston was horrible, so much so I couldn’t think of anything to blog about!) There I am yelling at the Ducks, yelling, “stay sharp, Jiggy,” and thinking the cops are going to be called by my neighbors. Would California cops understand a hockey fan??? Yes, I will say I was concerned the Ducks would blow it and allow the game to be tied. The stress for us poor fans!! The stress level in my apartment hit an all time high when the time out was called with about 2 seconds left, the faceoff in front of Giguere. Getzlaf came off the bench, won the faceoff, and WHEW! The game was won by the Ducks. However, the game was over, but the show was still playing! Right after the whistle blew, Giguere took it upon himself to let Ott know how he was feeling. Jiggy got a little physical with Ott, which I agreed with and loved! (Giguere also won his 200th game for the Ducks last night, stopping 30 shots. Go Jiggy!) It’s rare to see Giguere show so much emotion, let alone hit someone. You have to love it when the goalie gets into it, especially when it’s in defense of his teammate. Travis Moen (proud new daddy this past week) defended his goalie and fought with Ott. Both Ott and Moen received 5 min majors. However, Ott also received a 10 min match penalty and is now suspended indefinitely until a hearing, for allegedly trying to gouge out Moen’s eye. (I’ve got to be fair here: for the record, Ott says it was an accident.) The game winning, All-Star goalie Giguere received a 2 min minor for roughing. Roughing!!!! LOL! I love it!

This game had the ups and downs that make hockey the sport I love. Luckily, this time the ups and downs were in the Ducks favor. But, when all is said and done, the Ducks got the much needed points, gave me a very entertaining game and reminded me again why I am a hockey fan. Not just a Ducks fan, but a hockey fan.

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