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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks: Heart Attacks, Goalies and a Win!

How many heart attacks can one fan stand in a game? Every fan has their story; I’ve had numerous ‘heart attack’ games this season and the game against the Flames is a big one! The Flames came out hard, but the Ducks dominated the game. If you don’t watch goalies too much, this game would turn that around. The Flames goalie, Miikka Kiprusoff, was really amazing!! He made some of the best saves I’ve seen. A number of the best plays were at the Flames goal and the Ducks threw everything at him. JS Giguere seems to be back (heavily knocking on wood – I’m a very superstitious fan after all) and not a moment too soon. The line of Perry/Kunitz/Getzlaf did well; Kunitz seemed to be on fire tonight. Ryan Getzlaf continues to amaze me and I’m getting a little spoiled watching him; if he has an off night, I’m not sure what I’d do! Scott Niedermayer had his 11th OT goal in his career, continuing the record for a defenseman (see? I love that stuff!) and was the man of the night. Again. What happens when he retires???

It was getting a bit frustrating watching the Ducks play well, play hard and still trail until overtime. Watching them play (in between heart attacks) I had to wonder: where has this team been? Still, 2 points is 2 points and it was badly needed.

The rematch between Parros and Roy was realized; how could they NOT? Always good, in my humble opinion. Watching Mike Brown and Eric Nystrom go after each other was also fun – I’ll have to watch that one again. But, I have to give kudos to a 6’ Kunitz for going with a 6’ 4” Cory Sarich at the end of the game. Go Kunitz! What’s a 4 inch height difference when you’re pumped up and ticked off? Kunitz was on fire, I tell you.

The Teemu Selanne honor was really cool – I’ll have to find a close-up of the pictorial collage of jerseys they had made for him; TV doesn’t do things like that justice. I like Selanne and think anything that honors him is well deserved. Pomp and circumstance once more. Love it!!

Next up, after the school kids show up tomorrow for a field trip, the Ducks play the Thrashers on Sunday. I’m hoping that tonight’s team shows up for that game. The game tonight was very entertaining, which is one reason I really like hockey. It changes quickly and can be won in just a split second. In overtime. Badly needed. Record (continuing) goal. What’s not to love?

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