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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks Lose To Minnesota Wild 3-2

Anaheim DucksFor the first time ever, I was 4 rows off the glass, where my Ducks come onto the ice. So, for that alone, this was a good game for me. (My sons saw Giguere for the first time and literally froze. THAT was worth the price of admission for me! LOL) It wasn’t, however, a good game for the Ducks. Jonas Hiller started in the net and really made some fantastic saves; Backstrom was on his game, sprawling all over the place to save his shots. At one point, my older son and I said at the same time: what do we have to do to get a goal? Backstrom was just that on. Once again, the Ducks outshot their opponent (38-25), only to end up losing. The Ducks had very little forechecking last night, adding that to the new faces, the Ducks just couldn’t do it. The Wild’s defense shut the Ducks down.

It was odd seeing the new faces, though I am still impressed with Wisniewski and Brown. Christensen and Nokelainen…well, I’m still unsure about. I saw some good stuff from Whitney last night. Corey Perry had a frustrating night as did Ryan Getzlaf. The Ducks goals were made by Todd Marchant (unassisted) and by Scott Niedermayer, assisted by Perry and Getzlaf. (Now, an assist is nothing to sneeze at, but you could see the frustration out there last night.) Parros again was aggressive with the puck, so that was a good thing. Hopefully, if he stays on his feet (did I just say that??) and keeps playing this way, he can be used for more than fighting. Bobby Ryan – as did the rest of the team – tried as hard as possible to make something happen last night. If the Ducks had more time on the clock in the 3rd, they would have continued to come back. This time when the Ducks needed it the most, it simply wasn’t there.

One happy note: Chris Pronger was recognized last night for having his 1,000th NHL game, which actually happened February 20 against the Red Wings. Since I am a sucker for that type of thing, I was happy to have been there to see it. Was it a big deal as far as ceremony? No, but it’s a big accomplishment and I was glad to be a minute part of it.

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