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Are Sharks Fans Resorting To Desperate Tactics?

San Jose SharksToday I was listening to XM Radio’s ‘Power Play’, co-hosted by Scott Laughlin and Phil Esposito, when I heard the most unintentionally hilarious caller. First please understand that ‘Power Play’ is broadcast live from Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto and you can quite often hear the ambient background sounds typical of a dining establishment. Also keep in mind that when you call in to the program you’re pre-screened before you make it on the air, specifically they ask you the nature of your question or comment.

On the show the conversation is about the playoffs so far, focusing on the upcoming Game 7’s as well as reviewing the recent series’ winners. The caller is from California. He introduces himself as a long-time listener, first time caller. He says his question is about the upcoming Game 7 between Detroit and Phoenix. Laughlin tells the caller to go ahead with his question. The caller’s question is “Game 7 between Detroit and Phoenix, who do you think the Sharks will have a better chance against, the Red Wings or Coyotes?”.

Are you serious? Prefacing THAT as a question about “Game 7 between Detroit and Phoenix” is like forcing your ex to meet you someplace to go over your joint cell phone bill only to question him/her about who ‘does this number belong to and why were you calling them so much?’.

But wait, there’s more. It obviously caught the hosts off guard because there was a pause between the end of the question and their response. Not only that, but with the perfect timing of a slapstick comedy, right after the caller finished his question someone at Gretzky’s dropped a tray - you could hear the crash of plates right smack in the middle of the uncomfortable silence. The timing was so perfect I thought it was an actually sound effect. Let’s review:

Laughlin: “(so and so) from California how are you today?”
Caller: “Doing fine thanks, I’m a long time listener, first time caller. I have a question about Game 7 between Detroit and Phoenix.”
Laughlin: “Great (so and so), what’s your question?”
Caller: “Who do you think would be the better match up for the Sharks, the Red Wings or Coyotes?”
CRASH! BANG! cling. clang.

Laughlin: “Um……”

Sharks fans, let me put all this conversation to rest. It doesn’t matter one bit WHO the Sharks play, it’s all about HOW they play. Would it be easier to play Phoenix? Probably. We had better luck against Phoenix during the regular season and the travel would be easier. Having said that, how would you feel if the Yotes downed the Sharks in 5? If the Sharks play as the team they were built to be everything will be fine. It’s NEVER been about talent, it’s ALWAYS been about the effort.

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One comment for “Are Sharks Fans Resorting To Desperate Tactics?”

  1. Now there is a ringing endorsement for California hockey. I think there is an east coast perception that west coast hockey fans do not understand the game and are not as knowledgeable as Canadians or east coast fans. The caller probable lives in a fishbowl and does not watch a lot of hockey, other than the Sharks. Agree it is a matter of effort, but you do prepare differently for different teams. Let’s hope the Sharks prepare accordingly and bring it each and every night.


    Posted by FC SharksfanNo Gravatar | April 28, 2010, 12:32 pm

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