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Are the Canucks Lacking Cnemistry?

Vancouver CanucksThe first week of play may not have gone to plan for a team that is believed to be a cup contender this year. After playing three games and only winning one in regulation the club needs to rectify a few problems.

One area of concern is the lack of goal scoring especially when you consider Vancouver finished the previous season with the second most potent offense in the entire league. The absence of injured winger Burrows is going to cause a hole not just to the first line but this will impact all four lines by creating a ripple affect.

The top line of the Sedin’s and Samuelsson are in fact the only unit that has actual experience of playing together. The twins and fellow compatriot
Mikael Samuelsson were line mates at various times last year, prior to that they have played together for their country.

Vancouver has the potential to be a powerful offensive force perhaps the biggest problem facing the second, third and forth lines is chemistry, this is something that’s a fundamental key to any clubs success. Unfortunately you can’t really coach line mates to play with synergy, like many things it can only be achieved with time, perseverance and experience.

New Canucks like Torres and Malhotra not only have to become familiar with their colleagues, they have to adjust and adapt to a new coaching system. Having a head coach who likes to experiment with his lines at this time of the year is understandable but it does have its downside and may hinder team cohesion.

Burrows is projected to return to the line up in November his arrival is likely to help with goal production. It could take him a while to find his feet, as he will have missed training camp, the pre season and at least a months worth of competitive action.

Surprisingly Luongo seems to have broken with tradition by starting strong instead of being his usual sluggish self. Play in front of the Canucks net is a different story Vancouver’s defense needs to reduce the amount of shots they are allowing on their net. In just three games Luongo has faced one hundred and six shots, the coaching staff will have to find a way to reduce this.

Other areas of concern are key players like Kesler and Bieksa taking too many unnecessary penalties. The club also has to play the full sixty minutes rather than nursing a one or two goal advantage which can often lead to opponents executing a come from behind win.

At this stage of the season some teams will have a slow start but the Canucks can ill afford to dig themselves into a deep hole, because if they do there will be no emergency rescue teams sent to dig this group of men out of a dark dank cavern.

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One comment for “Are the Canucks Lacking Cnemistry?”

  1. Perhaps a little pre-season jitters?

    Posted by PuckGalNo Gravatar | October 15, 2010, 10:51 pm

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