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Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames: Final Push For The Playoffs (a bit late…)

Calgary FlamesAll right, first of all I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks, and i’m sorry for that readers. My life’s been a Roller Coaster lately and when I did catch a break, the flames kept on loosing. Just didn’t feel like it. To be honest, I’ve also been really pissed at the team since the Olympic break. My twitter followers are witnesses to the fact that I even abandon all hopes long ago.

I declared the flames dead after the game in Boston. A 5-0 lost that showed the players without a sense of urgency or any sign of desperation. Then they won in Washington Sunday. And the desire to make the playoffs that hasn’t been seen since the Olympics break seemed to appear, finally.

Now let’s be honest, the flames have nobody to blame but themselves, they’ve been not playing well throughout March with a record of .500. But, thanks to the Hockey Gods, the Avs are 1-6 since they played the flames in mid-march. And because of that, here’s where we stand for Friday’s game IN Colorado.

8 COL 76 41 28 7 89
9 CGY 77 39 29 9 87

The flames are going to Colorado strong after winning two in a row (Washington, Phoenix). The Avs on the other end have lost their last three games (Phoenix, San Jose and Anaheim). Should the flames win, they’d still be in ninth spot because the Avalanches have a game in hand. But it would give a boost of morale for the flames as the opposite is also true for the Avs.

  • I know I’m criticized for my view on the points system in the NHL, but the flames are supposed to be 4pts behind not just 2…..just saying!
  • The Remaining games for the flames are: In Colorado: Chicago and Vancouver. At Calgary: San Jose and Minnesota
  • Remaining games for the Avs: In Colorado: Calgary, Chicago, San Jose and LA. Their playing only two games far from Denver: Vancouver and Edmonton
  • The “strength of schedule” is clearly in favor of the avalanche.
  • My prediction: Flames 3 out of 5, Avalanche 3 out of six, flames will just miss the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong!
  • I’d love to have Mike Keenan’s opinion on the flames’ season….
  • I still can’t believe they traded to get Toskala…
  • Mathematically Calgary could still finish fifth in front of Nashville…..
  • AVS VS FLAMES Friday night at 7:30pm MT (sportsnet West and Altitude)


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