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San Jose Sharks

Canada Blames San Jose For Loss To Team USA

San Jose SharksI don’t watch cable news, in fact it’s been years since I used a cable news network to get any information. However my gym has a television dedicated to CNN so there are times where I accidentally watch. One time I saw something I thought was shocking, but my friends who watch assured me that what I saw is commonplace on cable news.

A reporter was interviewing an average citizen about some event and the reporter mentioned some proposal recently enacted by the Obama administration. The interviewee said, very modestly, that he didn’t agree with that proposal. The reporter immediately barked back “So you’re condemning the policies of the Obama administration!”

I thought wow, that’s quite a stretch - that not agreeing with a policy equals condemnation of an entire administration’s body of work. I’m not here to discuss politics, I just thought it was amusing AND frightening the leap these guys take to create a sound bite.

It is in that spirit that I created my headline.

An article posted on NBC’s Olympic website throws out the notion that the Sharks, and their “playoff cursed” players, may be the reason for Team Canada’s loss to Team USA. The article title “Olympics choke talk swarms Sharks” implies nation-wide finger pointing and rock throwing at Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle. We all know how hockey-crazed Canada is, and we all know how important this medal is to them. But even under those circumstances my cursory search revealed no articles emanating from our “Friends to the North” pointing blame on the San Jose Sharks Olympic representatives. In fact of all the changes Team Canada has made for their game against Germany, including changing goalies and shuffling lines, the ONLY thing that remains intact is the Sharks line.

Nice try (author) Jacob Amaya - but this isn’t CNN, MSNBC or Fox News.

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One comment for “Canada Blames San Jose For Loss To Team USA”

  1. there’s plenty of that around. the washington post talked about a canadian hate for the capitals, simply because one journalist mentioned that mike green was suspended more heavily than other players for his elbow on michael frolik. there seems to me to be a lot of attention-grabbing headlines that vastly exagerrate matters to gain attention. but i suppose it does work

    Posted by colonelbagpussNo Gravatar | February 24, 2010, 4:51 pm

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