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Anaheim Ducks…Ducks!

Ok – I’ll admit it: I had to check the standings twice tonight to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. The Ducks are fourth in the conference behind the KINGS? Ahead of the SHARKS? Second in the division, again behind the KINGS? Again, ahead of the SHARKS??
I should probably print the standings [...]

Anaheim Ducks - Dare to Dream?

Do I dare to dream that maybe, just maybe, my Ducks have finally started to act as a team? Am I going to jinx it now that I’ve written about it? Maybe.
Since the last blog, the Ducks beat the Dallas Stars in Dallas, and then proceeded to lose to the Devils at home and the [...]

Anaheim Ducks – Signs of Life!!!

The current road trip has been better than the first; we lost 2 but won 1. Sadly, that is better. But!!! There are signs of life in my favorite team and for that I say: IT’S ABOUT TIME.
Yes, for this road trip, we are 1-2. (Anaheim plays the Stars tonight and they’d better be [...]

Anaheim Ducks - Hello, Coaching Staff?? You There? It’s Me - A Fan!

Every time I sat down to write this, something else happened with the Ducks. So far, Anaheim lost every game on the first road trip. Bobby Ryan of all people led the league in PIM. (??? Really….Ryan is NOT a fighter.) Those 3 games…wow. I can’t say too much about them as there isn’t much [...]

Anaheim Ducks Still A Learning Team

If you actually pay attention to what new Captain Ryan Getzlaf says, the Ducks are still a learning team. I may not always pay attention to Getzy, but in this instance, I have to agree. As of today, 10-10-10 (just wanted to type that out, really!) Anaheim is 0-2. This whole season, we have a [...]

Anaheim Ducks Get Into The Swing Of Things

So, the time has come to close out this season of the Anaheim Ducks…..far too soon they are on the golf course practicing their swing. For the first time since the lockout, the Ducks are not in the playoffs.
What? Gasp! Horror! Well, this is actually a good thing. Kind of. In my opinion, there [...]

Anaheim Ducks – The Time To Panic Is Now

Well, actually, the time to panic was last week.
The Olympics are over and the Duck Olympians brought home 7 medals collectively: 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. The only Ducks not to bring home medals were Jonas Hiller and Luca Sbisa, both played for Switzerland. However, it has to be said [...]

Anaheim Ducks – Olympic Bound

As anyone who is living on planet earth knows, the Winter Olympics started last Friday, Feb 12. However, as any hockey fan knows, the games don’t really start until tomorrow…
Since the last post, Anaheim has played 4 games leading up to the Winter Games. February 8 saw the LA Kings play at [...]

Anaheim Ducks - New Chapter Begins

The start of February brought in changes for the Anaheim Ducks, but these changes were big. I speak, of course, of the goalie change. As everyone knows, Jonas Hiller was signed to a four year extension and as a result, JS Giguere was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. So it was with interest [...]

Anaheim Ducks – Crazy Month Was January!

My sincerest apologies for not writing at all about the Ducks during January. My motherboard hit the skids, which means I lost my hard drive. Which means: new computer! Then, since I have the best luck ever with computers, my modem and router went out on the same day. Yep – the day [...]

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