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Chicago Blackhawks: Captain Serious Comes Up Big In Columbus

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As the Blackhawks embarked on their longest road trip of the year, it was apparent that it was not going to be easy. With a seemingly comfortable 3-1 lead in the first period, the host Blue Jackets ripped off three straight tallies to take a one goal [...]

Point The Finger At The Zebras In Blackhawks Loss

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It blows my mind how the referees could have missed that the Anaheim Ducks were playing not only with two goaltenders but with two hockey sticks apiece.
I hope by now you can tell I’ve got my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek, and I’m not blaming the Hawks loss on [...]

Blackhawks First Semester Report Card

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The Blackhawks have completed the first half of the ‘09-’10 campaign, and while it’s hard to find anything negative going into the second 41 games, I’ll do my best to shed some light on where the team grades out thus far.
As of Sunday [...]

Series Premiere: Blues vs. Blackhawks

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At long last (31 games?? REALLY?!) the Blackhawks and Blues renewed intra-divisional hostilities at the United Center Wednesday, and it didn’t disappoint. After blowing the doors off with 21 shots and two goals in the first period, the Hawks never looked back on their way to a [...]

Byfuglien Flies Like Dust In the Wind

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Although I’m still not totally convinced that it wasn’t Patrick Kane wearing a #33 sweater screaming down the left boards with under 90 seconds left in overtime Wednesday night, it was a spectacular end to a hard fought win improving the Blackhawks record against Original 6 [...]

Chicago Blackhawks: Let’s Make A (Long-Term) Deal!

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I’m sure everybody’s at least somewhat aware of the impending announcement regarding what most consider the Blackhawks young core, and I just wanted to share my take on it as well as get your thoughts and/or opinions.
As the Blackhawks prepare to announce that they’ve (allegedly) signed Kane and Toews [...]

Chicago Blackhawks: Power Rankings And Glory

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Being as it was the first to pop up in my twitter feed on a busy Monday, ESPN.com’s NHL Power Rankings were the first I checked last week, and wouldn’t you know, the Chicago Blackhawks topped the list. That said, I find it a bit difficult [...]

Year-Over-Year Comparison For Teams of The .Net

One of the things I picked up on this season is the idea that the milestone for determining your hockey team’s capabilities is where they stand on (US) Thanksgiving. That little nugget taught me two things.
First I learned that the hockey pre-season isn’t like other sports’ pre-seasons. Hockey players have said that the pre-season is [...]


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Wow. I almost don’t want to even post anything for fear of cursing the current 7-game tear the Blackhawks have put together, but there’s something about this team that makes me think that even the darkest hex can’t stop the momentum they have built. [...]

Chicago Blackhawks: Welcome Back, Oh Concussed Ones!

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While last week’s action saw the Blackhawks playing like shadows of of their earlier selves, this week has proved immeasurably more productive, as we saw the return of Captain Jonathan Toews and hardheaded Ben Eager to the Blackhawks lineup. I was very concerned as I watched the Blackhawks [...]

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