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Detroit Red Wings: Bittersweet Statistics‏

Records are a curious thing. In hockey, stats seem to be so very important, and there are so many, that whenever a goal is scored, I half expect to hear that it was Zetterberg’s 5th backhanded goal of the season, 3rd when at even strength and 1st from the left side of the crease against [...]

Detroit’s Surprise Packages

So here we go again. The season starts, and we all saddle up for this unpredictable and emotional rollercoaster that is the new NHL season.
As you will probably know, my team is the Detroit Red Wings. I’m sure, however, that these experiences are not limited to my team only, and are [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Out With The Old And In With The…er, Older

Nick Lidstrom is unstoppable. He’ll be 42 next season, and yet has signed up for another year of physical exertion, puck-flying danger, and a summer of working out in the gym, forcing the body to work harder than it probably should, and being the captain and leader of the Detroit Red [...]

Detroit’s Defence Looks Decidedly Dicey

With the season over, it’s time to look at contracts, new players, and retirements.
Brian Rafalski has retired with 3 Stanley Cups to his name, and has been one of the first names on the team sheet for the USA National Team since 2002. Not bad for a player that was undrafted. His knee problems are [...]

Dear San Jose Sharks - A Letter From A Detroit Red Wings Fan

Dear San Jose Sharks,
Please, if you’re going to beat us, can it be by a blowout 4-5 goals or something?
Losing in OT or by one goal is really irritating as we then analyse everything in the game to try and figure out where we could have snatched victory in what was a very close game.
At [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Confessions Of A Playoff Beard‏

Last year, the Red Wings made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where they were eliminated in game 5 by the San Jose Sharks. April 14th 2010 to May 8th 2010, a period of 24 days.
Every post-season, I throw down my razor and join the Red Wings majority in the cultivation [...]

Detroit Red Wings: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Defense

The Red Wings’ Defensemen are in awe of Nick Lidstrom, but to be honest, I think anyone who’s ever watched and understood hockey, should be in awe of Nick Lidstrom. Not only a great player, but also an exceptionally intelligent man, it’s often thought his first language is Swedish, when really, his first language is [...]

Detroit Red Wings: Is Modano Here To Bolster The Wings, Or Here For The Ride?

Mike Modano’s return to his homeland of Michigan brought with it great memories. But not just of Modano’s glittering career with the Minnesota North Stars and Dallas Stars franchises, as an exceptional forward and the highest scoring American player in the NHL. His tally of 1359 points from 1459 games was staggering, and many veteran [...]

How To Help Hudler Hold His Head High

When Jiri Hudler returned to Detroit in the closed season, he was welcomed back as a strong Powerplay kind of guy, and a knack for scoring opportune goals. With a modest cap hit and a proven track record, there were very few Red Wings pessimists regarding this deal. Hudler had been away from Detroit for [...]

Detroit Red Wings: 7 Game Stats And Surly Suggestions‏

7 games have come and gone since my last blog, and it seems the Wings are still holding firm at the top end of the Conference. I don’t expect to topple the high-flying Canucks right now, but a 5-2-0 record is not exactly a bad thing, and as we head into the final 20-odd [...]

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