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Avoiding Fake Ticketmaster Tickets

My good friend torturedkingsfan secured two tickets to Game 4 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals between his beloved Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. The girl who sold them to him said she was a season ticket holder who had gotten better seats and was selling hers for face value. [...]

A Shake-Up From Shanahan

Explaining the sport you love, to friends and family who are unfamiliar to it, can sometimes be a difficult task. Many the hour I have tried to break down the rules of ‘the code’, despite there never actually being any written confirmation of them.

“So Bertuzzi was wrong for punching Steve Moore [...]

2011-2012 Season Preview Part 2

So now we look to the West, and to the second half of the NHL. Last season’s Western Conference champions, the Vancouver Canucks, went all the way to the final, and narrowly missed out on the triple of Eastern Conference Champions, Eastern Conference Playoff  final Winners, and Stanley Cup winners. [...]

2011-2012 Season Preview Part 1

We’re a month away from the opening games of the season, and so apart from the odd rookie playing out of his skin in training camp, the rosters are pretty much solidified for the NHL teams.

Obviously the movement of the Atlanta Thrashers franchise transforming into the reborn Winnipeg Jets [...]

Penaltykill.net Free Agency Thread

We have opened this thread as a place to start sharing or venting your free agency news, comments and rants. Have at it…
Antero Nittymaki - the newest San Jose Shark

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NHL 2010 Draft Selections - How Many Picks Does Your Team Have?

Here are your team’s 2010 NHL Entry Draft Picks (as of last week). The Carolina Hurricanes, Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders lead with double-digit picks, and the San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars bring up the rear with only 4 picks each. Choose wisely!

# of Picks
Rounds of Picks
Overall Pick #s


Atlanta [...]

Non-Playoff Hockey Is Still Hockey

At this point in the season we all look at the schedule and see who’s battling for that final playoff spot or the important playoff seed that could determine home ice advantage for your favorite team. That is what makes this time of year as a hockey fan so great. One thing we sometimes underestimate [...]

United States Vs Canada & The 3-Point System

I love the 3-point system used by Olympic hockey (3-points for a regulation win, 2-points for an overtime/SO win, 1-point overtime loss). There has been lots of talk about changing the NHL point system and most of them are all theory, but actually seeing one system in action really shows it’s value. With [...]

The Points System

For a while now, something bothers me in the way the NHL are attributing points after each game. It all started in 2005-06 when the NHL felt that it would be better to eliminate the tied games and replace it with a shootout round after the OT. No arguments there, going to a hockey game [...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

There were many reasons why I started this blog, one if which is my personal battle with Ray Ratto. I’ve written about Ratto on more than a few occasions and really, I need to stop writing about him. Like they say, bad publicity is better than no publicity - but then again I [...]

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