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Montreal Canadiens: Halak vs Price, Price Vs It All

On December 29th 2008, the Bell Centre faithful looked down upon Carey Price as the next generation of great Montreal goaltenders. A class reserved for the Roy’s, the Dryden’s and the Plante’s of the NHL. Without blinking an eye the followers of the Canadiens forgave the shakiness witnessed that previous April & [...]

Despite the Fresh Faces, Habs’ Heritage Restored

After each ceremony that is hosted by the Montreal Canadiens, the same comment is made time and time again. It’s stated that only two places know how to truly run a proper ceremony; Buckingham Palace and the Bell Centre. In Montreal, we is an all encompassing term. It represents the players, [...]

.500% Hockey Without Markov Is A Victory For Montreal

Andrei Markov has been the anchor on the backend for the Montreal Canadiens for several years. He is one of the best defenseman in the league year in and year out and he does so quietly without generating a whole lot of attention for himself. Markov is not the best at much and [...]

Carey Price And His Mental Toughness Or Lack Thereof

To put it mildly, Carey Price is the engine that runs the Montreal Canadiens. When he goes, the team goes. And when Carey does not, the team does not. This has been true of Carey and the team since his arrival in 2007. It all began with a great start [...]

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