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NY Islanders’ Jack Hillen and Kyle Okposo 10 Question Challenge‏

How much do you know about your home state? New York Islanders’ Jack Hillen and Kyle Okposo answer ten questions about their home state Minnesota to see who knows more! Check out the two teammates going head to head at the Blues game Saturday night and see who wins here: http://video.msg.com/Videos/MSG-Networks/OCtxW__6FpO7f2RHV8Mu9PEeoT6MwwLw

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Out of the Mix….A Good Thing for Hockey on the Island?

Let’s face it; this season has not been the epitome of Islanders domination. This year’s pains might just be good medicine for next year though. Still, the question arises: What has happened to the dynasty of the ‘80s and the Long Island crew for that matter?
Where are the Bossys and the Potvins of [...]

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