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Phoenix Coyotes: Just A Few More Weeks…

..IF we can skate past a lockout! Happy Hockey season.

Lockouts, scary free agency, bankruptcies, owners and investors. Oh my. I get it, hockey is a business. Bills and people need to get paid, finances need to be managed and there are cracks and crevices to hockey that us fans don’t get to see. I do [...]

How To Do A Phoenix Coyotes Whiteout…At Home

Despite a loss, like last night’s, there really is nothing like catching a playoff whiteout game at Jobing.com arena. The colors (or lack thereof) the noise of the crowd, the music, the frigid air and all that energy coming off the ice in waves..But what if you are broke? What if you have 3 children and [...]

Phoenix Coyotes Advance to Round 2..Let’s Go Shopping!

Monday night’s triumph over the Chicago Blackhawks (yeah I know, you heard) was more than just a win, it was validation on being a Phoenix Coyotes fan. For the past 2+ years us few, the proud and the resilient, have taken a lot of grief. Doomsayers who negated the team’s worth to the city and [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: Mikkel Boedker and Why I Love Being Right

After tonight’s 2nd game winning goal in OT (once again, they are going to kill me!) it has finally become apparent to the hockey world what I have known all along..that Mikkel Boedker is a real talent and asset. I have written for years about his incredible speed with my chosen nickname for him being [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: OT..AGAIN. They Are Gonna Kill Me.

Why OT is Bad for a Hockey Fan’s Health
After tonight’s OT win in Chicago, making the series 3-1 in the Coyotes favor and Mikkel Boedker a Phoenix hero, it appears that the Phoenix Coyotes  and Chicago Blackhawks are working hard to give their fans their money’s worth and to make this series as exciting as [...]

Deja Vu, JuJu and The Phoenix Coyotes Lose Game 2

Déjà vu (French pronunciation: [deʒa vy] literally “already seen”) is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation.
I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe Game 2 in the Phoenix Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks series. It bore a striking resemblence to the first game of the series. [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: The Wizarding World Of Ray Whitney

I know it’s been done. You already know that Ray Whitney of the Phoenix Coyotes got his 1000th career point. You know that it was on a beautiful assist to Radim Vrbata and how he pulled the puck out of the net to present it to Whitney.
Yes I know but you haven’t heard it told [...]

How I Spent My 2010-2011 Season With The Coyotes

As the Stanley Cup playoffs rage on, the Phoenix Coyotes’ season has come to an end. Once again it’s been a year for the history books and this is how PuckGal, and I am sure other fans, spent the 2010-2011 season:
- Defending the position that hockey DOES belong in the desert
- Converting more friends to [...]

Memo to the Phoenix Coyotes

To: Phoenix Coyotes
From: PuckGal
Subject: Winning in Regulation
Thank you Phoenix Coyotes for last night’s Valentine’s Day win over the Washington Capitals. The 3 - 2 victory in regulation at home and on Versus was particularly satisfying. A mention needs to go out to Ilya Bryzgalov for his solid work in net and keeping us out of [...]

Phoenix Coyotes: All Stars, Role Models and Ownership Woes..Oh My!

Yes, she is back and my apologies to 4 people who read me on my considerable absence. And what an absence it has been! The Coyotes have been busy in some respects (raking up the points and sending some boys to the All Stars) and not so busy in others (the [...]

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