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How To Pay Up On A Hockey Bet

I’ve been watching the San Jose Sharks for about a decade now.  They’ve always had the reputation of being underachievers in the playoffs, running through the regular season like a freight train then falling apart in the post season.  Lately however, I’ve thought that stereotype was misplaced, especially when the Sharks went to back-to-back Western [...]

San Francisco Bulls’ Fans Up Close And Personal

I was sitting in front of the television getting ready to watch Game 1 of the NHL Western Conference Semi-Finals series between the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks when something caught my eye.
The pre-game show included player highlights from the regular season.  One particular highlight was a play by Dan Boyle against the Minnesota [...]

San Jose Sharks Fans Fail To Deliver

I have been a Sharks season ticket holder for several years. I stayed up and watched every minute of the Sharks 2006 triple overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers as well as the 2008 quadruple overtime loss to the Dallas Stars. I don’t like Sidney Crosby. I was happy when the Los Angeles King won [...]

San Jose Sharks: I Cancelled My Season Tickets Today

Today I notified my season ticket representative of my desire to cancel my partial season tickets to the San Jose Sharks. The failure of the National Hockey League and the NHL Players Association to come to an agreement, along with the endless on-again, off-again negotiations, have pushed me to the point of fatigue. [...]

It’s Time For Hockey!

No - the NHL and NHLPA did not resolve their labor dispute, but that doesn’t mean the San Francisco Bay Area will be without professional hockey.  The ECHL San Francisco Bulls start play this week with a FREE exhibition game this Wednesday, October 3rd (click here to get tickets, and tell them penaltykill.net is the [...]

The NHL/NHLPA Contract Negotiations Simplified

As many of you know I get my hockey news from Sirius/XM’s ‘NHL Home Ice’ channel.  My reliance on ‘NHL Home Ice’ for my hockey news is based on their overall better-than-average coverage compared to anything I can find locally (or even nationally for that matter).  During the weeks leading up to the lockout the [...]

San Jose Sharks Vs. San Francisco Bulls And The Schedule Spreadsheet Of Doom

Let me start off by saying that I know I’m not going to get a lot of sympathy for my situation.  I completely understand that this problem is of the ‘luxury’ variety.  Many people have much more important things to worry about (actually myself included).  The point here is how the continuing NHL labor [...]

San Francisco Bulls Less Than 100 Days Away!

The San Francisco Bulls have started putting together quite a collection of promotional videos as things are moving closer to the inaugural puck-drop. I don’t know about you but given the last few years of San Jose Sharks hockey I’m feeling kind of fatigued about preparing for their upcoming season. However with the Bulls [...]

San Jose Sharks To Announce Brad Stuart A Shark For 3 Years

It makes me wonder, is Doug Wilson just that confident a negotiator or are back-door deals made with regularity in the NHL? The latest case-in-point is the report out of TSN that the San Jose Sharks will announce signing Brad Stuart to a three-year deal.
I thought it quite risky when the Sharks [...]

San Jose Sharks: Post Season Post Mortem

Before we begin let me remind everyone that I don’t consider myself educated on any matters related to actually playing hockey.  In fact within the scope of my lifetime I’ve watched hockey the least (6 years) compared to all the other major sports.
General Manager Doug Wilson was heard commenting the other day about the San [...]

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