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San Jose Sharks Vs. San Francisco Bulls And The Schedule Spreadsheet Of Doom

Let me start off by saying that I know I’m not going to get a lot of sympathy for my situation.  I completely understand that this problem is of the ‘luxury’ variety.  Many people have much more important things to worry about (actually myself included).  The point here is how the continuing NHL labor [...]

San Jose Sharks: Missing The Playoffs And Their Not-So-Magic Number

Entering the game against the Anaheim Ducks the San Jose Sharks controlled their own destiny. Two games and two losses later they no longer control their own destiny (well, they kind of do but it’s highly dependent upon other teams also controlling their own destiny). The Sharks have 9 games left in this [...]

Super Bowl Commercial For Canandian-Eyes Only

Super Bowl commercials have taken on a life form of their own. They’ve become the event within the event. Of late it hasn’t been quite as attention-grabbing as in the past but it still has its buzz.
However one commercial, perhaps the best one this past Super Bowl, wasn’t shown here in the United [...]

Free Agency And Other Animals

It’s the off-season.
The Stanley Cup Finals are over (although for many fans, the finals were over in April! Sorry Toronto…again!), the awards have been given out, and Free Agency was admittedly very interesting for a few days, but is now just picking up 4th line and backups.
So what to talk about?
Detroit have been making a [...]

Canadian Kids Get All The Luck (An Englishman Learns To Skate)

When you’re growing up, you learn a lot about your body. I know this sounds like an introduction to a school video about what to expect through puberty, but it’s not, so bear with me.
As a child, you grow accustomed to the things in your environment, and they become second nature. Take swimming for example. [...]

The Final Is Dawning On Us…‏

What a couple of weeks it’s been.
I know I’ve been a little quieter than usual, but a damaged wrist ruined my ability to type for longer than a couple of paragraphs. Now it makes a lovely cracking sound when I stretch it, like reaching for a sieve, or changing gear in my car, and all [...]

Playoffs Show The West And East In Different Lights

Considering the constant comparisons of East and West, and the close call often made between the two, I think this season’s playoffs second round has thrown the discussion wide open again.
1st round it’s fairly straightforward as you would expect. Both East and West have dominating teams (Detroit over Phoenix, Washington over New York Rangers), and [...]

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 2

WEST OK, let’s face facts here, Chicago were unlucky. I’m not saying that to rub it in that the reigning Stanley Cup champions couldn’t hold it together, but simply that they were losers in the worst possible way. Game 7 Overtime.
Vancouver progressed to meet Nashville, who disposed of the Anaheim Ducks in 6 games, with [...]

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round 1

Just over a week old, the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs have already seen some surprises. One team have already been knocked out, and another is making a spirited, and surprising comeback against the league’s best team. Let’s delve a little deeper.
Vancouver v Chicago
The Canucks opened their Playoff campaign against last-gasp qualifiers, Chicago. The starting game, [...]

The Final Insult

It’s that time again folks, for the summary of goings on in the NHL. This final installment encompasses the whole of the NHL Regular season 10-11. If this looks like a lot of stats to get through, don’t worry it’s not, and in case you’re still not convinced, I’ve broken it down into a little [...]

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