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Problems Vancouver?

Alright so Vancouver almost won the cup last year, that’s really great, but what the heck? They have a star line up, but none of them seem to be playing well. Okay so you have/had injuries; Raymond, Rome, Kesler (who has returned), etc. They still have many players who should be able to pick up [...]

Long Journey To The NHL Was No Sweatt For Defenceman

Every person who has been lucky enough to lace up their skates and step on to NHL ice has been on a journey. For the Sidney Crosbys, Evgeni Malkins and Alexander Ovechkins of this world, the path taken to reach their dreams was perhaps a simple one. For others it’s not quite so straightforward.
Players like [...]

Canucks Get Three Players

It took until the last few seconds of the NHL deadline, but the Vancouver Canucks have addressed some of their needs.
The first deal was with Anaheim. The Canucks sent Joel Perreault and a third-round pick in exchange for Maxim Lapierre. As Vancouver were in the hunt for a fourth-line center, Lapierre will [...]

Checking Is Integral To Hockey But The NHL Needs To Avoid Hits To The Head

For those that can’t remember January 15th 1968, it was just another average day in the 60’s. Although for the family and friends of Bill Masterton, it was a day consumed by tragedy. Two days earlier Masterton took to the ice as a member of the Minnesota North Stars against the Oakland Seals in what [...]

Could The Injury To Ballard Make Vancouver An Even Stronger Team

Sometimes life seems to kick people when they are down by handing them another dose of bad luck. But then life is all about dealing with the good bad and downright terrible things that are often thrown at us.
During the course of an 82 game NHL season each team will find themselves facing adversity. Take [...]

Did Mike Gillis Jinx His Players?

It’s bizarre how an innocuous comment, statement or sentence can sometimes come back and haunt a person.
On January 11th 2011 the Canucks were due to start a 5 game road trip and had just won four of its previous 5 games, the only loss was in the shootout to an injury plagued Detroit side. [...]

Canucks V Predators Preview

Nashville (27.16. 6) Points 60
When these two clubs lock horns it will be the first of four meetings, last season both teams met on four occasions with each side winning a game at home and once on the road. Nashville took to the ice on Monday 24th January against the Flames, where they tried to [...]

A Much Improved Kesler Is Paying Dividends For His Club

How many times have you heard people say things like? “Paul is good at sports, but there’s always room for improvement”, or “If my child could just improve their grades I really think they could be top of the class.”
There aren’t many people who are perfect; even those individuals that are considered great have to [...]

Canucks v Blue Jackets Preview

The past weekend was quite an eventful one that included the festivities of the retirement of franchise leading scorer Markus Naslund’s jersey, a home loss to the Lightning and a dominant road victory against the Oilers.
Vancouver’s next game will be at Rogers Arena on Wednesday night when the Canucks host Columbus. The Blue Jackets most [...]

The Swedish Connection

When asked what is Sweden famous for most people would agree Ikea, Meat Balls and Volvo cars. Very few would answer that question with the Pace Maker, invented by Rune Elmqvist in 1958 or the Safety Match, which was first patented in 1844 by Gustaf Erik Pasch. If your reading this on a flat screen [...]

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