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Wow. I almost don’t want to even post anything for fear of cursing the current 7-game tear the Blackhawks have put together, but there’s something about this team that makes me think that even the darkest hex can’t stop the momentum they have built. I remember it was just last December that such a big deal was made of the first nine game winning streak in so long (and rightfully so), and as we now ride this seven game hot streak it’s almost looked upon as “expected”. Well it’s about time. It’s a great feeling to have. It’s something close to that blanket you had as a child, to watch your team can go down 3-1 to the best team in the NHL and still feel there’s a reason not to turn it off, to see resolution and determination in the eyes of the guys wearing the colors you bleed. And even moreso to know that they can actually do it.

It’s really hard to pick apart this squad and find what they’ve done wrong, because it’s very well hidden behind what they’ve done right. I have several notes on missed assignments here and an errant pass there, but the truth is, so much of that means so much less to me right now. The Blackhawks are the hottest thing on ice right now, and they are about to add a fella who, since 2002, has potted just under 40 goals per season. So what I’m saying is, “It’s easy to be giddy. But it’s fun, too.”

I’m sure I’ll be called a meatball for getting so stoked only a quarter of the way through the season, but I’m honestly not that concerned. Even including last season, this is the only season in recent (read: 20 years) memory that I’ve started the season with postseason confidence for the Blackhawks and not been ridiculed by everyone within shouting distance. And I must say: I don’t hate it.

That said, they are looking directly into a firestorm when they drop the puck with the Sharks Wednesday. Dig all you want, you’re not going to find a more potent line than Dany Heatley, Patrick Marleau, and Jumbo Joe. Finding a way to stop that line will definitely help the Hawks’ chances, and help create chances on their end of the ice as well. The Blackhawks last win over the Sharks was so important (big win over best team in league, Sunday night, capping 4-game win-streak/homestand) that I really think that they can catapult off that performance and take this talented team down. (Arguably) The league’s best 1-2 tandem of Keith and Seabrook will definitely have their work cut out for them, but more important will be the forecheck. Guys like Troy Brouwer and John Madden will be key. It will likely be their job to wear down that top line to maximize the effectivenes of the top line(s) and increase scoring chances. So far, it seems as though they’re up to the task.

Not to quell any emotion about Marian Hhhhhhhhhooossa returning to regular action, but I’ve heard questions about the new teammate being able to adjust to his new surroundings, and I really see it as a “non-story” (to borrow a fictitious journalism term), This team is full of guys who have been able to turn adversity into opportunity and mold their styles to fit the guys around them. There is a special group of guys that don the Indian Head this season, and I somehow get the feeling that they’ll welcome Marian without batting an eye.

As always, I look forward to you comments and suggestions. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


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5 comments for “Chicago Blackhawks: HHHHHHHHHHHOOOOSSA”

  1. I was already pretty excited about tonight’s game, but if Hossa is in there - BRING IT! I’m hoping to get a little payback for that loss the other night in your barn!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | November 25, 2009, 9:40 am
  2. Having Hossa back is pure excitement. It’s just another “spark” to help an already talented team.

    Posted by tinao37No Gravatar | November 25, 2009, 10:49 am
  3. T-K-Ho Line in full effect!!!! (droooooool)

    Posted by BrianNo Gravatar | November 25, 2009, 12:19 pm
  4. I see that ’sharksfan’ never made it back to eat his Thanksgiving crow.
    I hope he at least enjoyed the humble pie the Hawks served up so nicely last night…

    Posted by Goon SquadNo Gravatar | November 26, 2009, 6:35 pm
  5. I’m here, just in absolute shock. I’ve never seen another team man-handle the Sharks the way the Blackhawks did. I admit, your ‘Hawks ran us over and didn’t leave a note…

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | November 28, 2009, 12:23 am

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