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Coyotes Ownership Inspired Board Game…”Clueless”

Phoenix CoyotesOh the drama, the intrigue, the incredible mess. I wasn’t going to talk about this. I really wasn’t but a “mystery” buyer into the now infamous Phoenix Coyote saga? I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Mystery Buyer?” Could it be Reinsdorf in Chicago with a billion dollars? Is it a bunch of hockey fans/”businessmen” in Canada with a pipe dream? Well for all the Coyotes fans know it’s Colonel Mustard in the drawing room with a knife.

Apparently there is a mystery buyer and Ice Edge is looking to buy an ECHL team..huh? What? Didn’t they want to buy the Coyotes for the last year? What’s the sudden urge to have a team in Thunder Bay, Ontario? Weren’t they so excited to be part of Arizona sports?

Oh, wait was that before Glendale asked them to pony up with the money? There is lots of speculation surrounding the means in which Ice Edge will buy the team. This leaves us fans wondering what is REALLY going on and if we are going to have to endure another season of headlines focusing on financial woe instead of the action on the ice. Is it too much to ask that this be over before the season starts?

So with only a few short weeks to the start of preseason, I am beginning to come up with a plan for this redheaded hockey fan to buy the team. Donations anyone?

Then it would be Miss Scarlett in the Jobing.com arena with her very own hockey team.

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3 comments for “Coyotes Ownership Inspired Board Game…”Clueless””

  1. So the NHL still owns the Coyotes? I thought this got settled a few months ago?

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | September 1, 2010, 9:19 am
  2. “Then it would be Miss Scarlett in the Jobing.com arena with her very own hockey team.” Hilarious.
    I hope this mess gets cleared up soon, not because I am a Yotes fan, but because I am sick of reading/hearing about it, and I think it is truly unfair to the team and its fans to keep them in this purgatorial limboesque wasteland.

    Posted by unrulytravllerNo Gravatar | September 5, 2010, 2:53 pm
  3. You are tired of hearing about it?? LOL Trying living in this mess..I thought I might feel better when the “mystery” buyer was demystified but no such luck..they are associated with Ice Edge and apparently IE would be a minority owner. And the plot just thickens and thickens. The clock is ticking on that December 31st deadline..The good news is that the rooks take the ice tonight so I will be on hand to watch and write about something other than this saga.

    Posted by Sharon MurphyNo Gravatar | September 14, 2010, 10:30 am

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